Top chef season 13: the notes of episode 15

The quarter-finals begin, the pantry is empty, so we hit the flower box in the parking lot.

We grimaced slightly last week when we learned of the final oven surprising this end of the season. As if the candidates had heard us from the past, they therefore stood squarely over three rather delicate tests. No disgrace, great achievements, and in return not the most fun episode. You have to know what you want.

In this group, Louise is clearly the bassist and Arnaud the drummer.

The only major remaining vices of Top chef, it was the advertising cuts before each major sequence, and an always super complicated science of score counting, attribution of points and eliminations, developed with CERN. Even there, we are a little disappointed for these phases because it is now very simple, with the establishment of a cardboard pass system printed at Epson that we obtain with each victory. Two passes, and it’s won for the semi-finals.

Trials 1 & 2: Leaf to the flower, I was sure

A perfect day: Mauro Colagreco left his establishment facing the sea to come and get some fresh air, and offer two tests in weightlessness: a flower-based starter, a leaf-based dessert. Two Epson passes up for grabs.

We are going to spoil what you already know right away: Arnaud, whose career has sometimes oscillated, is in Olympic form and will carry out a hold-up throughout the episode, closely followed by Louise, regular at the top of the rankings for some time now. If it turned out that the finale of this season was a Louise vs Arnaud, the editors of the show had to squeeze the lemon well to veil the signal on this episode as the two candidates dominated the tests.


  • PascalPascal does not deserve. The one we gently made fun of as a technical robot without any extra soul at the start of the season has evolved in elaboration and creativity (or the last firmware that we installed on him is really phew). He makes an oyster tartare with flowers, siphon with pistils and tiles of flower petals, balance of a cream of flowers (garlic flower, daisy, pansy and borage).

    Pascal’s Flowers

    To give a note

    The result is quite fine, passes without problem. Unfortunately, unlike the usual tests, it is not a question of passing, but of winning.

  • LouiseLouise does not serve us a herbarium of 200 flowers: if you browse the dishes of her Boubou’s in Lisbon, you will often come across the nasturtium which she uses as a condiment and whose taste and combinations she knows well. The Franco-Portuguese therefore attacks full nasturtium with pollen-smoked scamorza ice cream, nasturtium flowers stuffed with nasturtium pesto, chive and nasturtium oil, fried capers and walnut crumble. Not recommended for people allergic to nasturtium.

    Louise’s Flowers

    To give a note

    Mauro Colagreco is “really dazzled by this spring painting” . It is said.

  • SébastienHere, the visual of his dish is divisive. His marigold flower and chrysanthemum jelly, colored with a very blue butterfly pea flower, accompanied by a sabayon of marigold flowers and scallop tartare, passes either for a chromatic masterpiece, or for a print GDR apron.

    Sebastian’s Flowers

    To give a note

    Seb’s proposal may have less technical depth than that of the friends.

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  • ArnaudJacques Maximin could have signed this dish, with this zucchini flower stuffed with zucchini cream and marigold petals, Colonnata bacon, audacious and revered parmesan cream and saffron oil. This device of false simplicity is balanced with three creams in three colours, marigold, pansy, marigold.

    Arnaud’s Flowers

    To give a note

    Maura Colagreco rents a “successful quarter plate, of rare beauty and extraordinary balance” .

  • First place and first Epson pass!
  • Sheets

  • LouiseWe wonder what the haters de Louise will be able to criticize this implacable dessert, which mixes audacity, technique and even a little side branlo/comfort food which strips it of all pretension: shiso granita, wood sorrel extraction, eucalyptus ice cream, smoked almond vinaigrette, nasturtium oil, pistachio darlings, and a sponge cake with pistachios made in the microwave (spoiler: a big comeback of 90s microwave cooking is predicted in the coming years).

    The Leaves of Louise

    To give a note

    The result is, from the very mouth of Colagreco (who will play at the Zénith du Grand Nancy on June 28th) “incredibly beautiful, very greedy, we are in the pure herbaceous” .

  • First place and first Epson pass!
  • ArnaudThe premise is funny, it’s a pity that Arnaud makes crates of it and transforms this clever wink into a whoopee cushion: the chartreuse contains 130 plants, its simple use in this dessert makes it a record holder for plant composition. With this chartreuse, he makes a sober and slender iced soufflé, accompanied by an arugula granita, arugula and wood sorrel salad, mint oil, and a tobacco and nettle powder custard. The ingredients chosen are powerful, elegant, the minimalism of the impeccable dessert.

    Arnaud’s Leaves

    To give a note

    Colagreco: “Magnificent, extraordinary, perfect, the level is very high! »

  • Second place, but cartridge missing.
  • 1653520543 872 Top chef season 13 the notes of episode 15

  • PascalAt first glance, we didn’t jump to the ceiling for this cake with dried fruits, fresh cheese with lemon and candied lemon leaves, poor in herbs compared to the others, and a little sober in the promised pleasure. After trying to get Etchebest to eat lemon leaves, the only hilarious moment of the episode, Pascal finally turns to edible ingredients like sakura cherry leaves.

    Pascal’s Leaves

    To give a note

    However, the dish is not devoid of qualities, it has an autumnal Japanese vibe, an almost morbid vegetable, between Jérôme Banctel’s artichoke and Jujutsu Kaisen.

    1653520543 365 Top chef season 13 the notes of episode 15
    This magician unrolls endless lemon leaves from his mouth.

  • Sébastien No failure either, no disgrace for this ice cream flavored with geranium, Italian meringue flavored with flambéed green tea and geranium oil, a very herbaceous mini Norwegian omelette, which also pleased the judge, but was not enough.

    Sebastian’s Leaves

    To give a note

    Test 3: Hide this love from me

    Stéphanie Le Quellec arrives on the set with a lot of demands on the dish to be made: she wants a neutral-looking dish, the air of nothing, which when cut can surprise her, but without explosions and without living insects to inside. The constraint is tense and seems difficult to us, but when she realizes an example by putting mashed potatoes in bread, we say to ourselves that finally it will be fine. What we liked less is that in tasting, instead of delicately cutting the dishes offered, gently shifting the portions to admire the contrasting slices, the play of layers, Stéphanie Le Quellec went there with a club, dissecting and crushing the hearts of the dishes to let them burst on the plate. We are not directors of the show, but we missed some great images.

    1653520543 928 Top chef season 13 the notes of episode 15
    It’s not a massacre, but a “special tasting” (специальная дегустация).

  • ArnaudLe Xhendremaelois is definitely very Mediterranean this evening, offering us, camouflaged in a barbecued focaccia, a preparation of candied tomatoes, caramelized onions, fried arugula, basil, anchovies and olives. The whole, thanks to a dessert montage finely made with a burrata whipped cream, has a mouthful, but lacks a little sophistication.


    To give a note

    The Quellec smashes the work with a fork and salutes a “very nice work” . Arnaud wins the event, but it could just as well have been Louise or Seb who did an equivalent job, certainly without the ingenious dressage.

  • Second pass, which sends Arnaud to the semi-finals!
  • LouiseWhile this episode allowed each of the candidates to find relatives, Louise’s Portuguese grandmother has already come several times through her recipes reinterpreted by the candidate. For this test, it is the bacalhau à Brás which is in the spotlight, in a shell of fried paolo potatoes containing confit cod, a confit of onions and garlic, black olive sauce, all topped with wood sorrel leaves. Louise adds a parsley and coriander coulis to break up the fat, injected into a firm egg yolk.


    To give a note

    Gourmet and effective, to the detriment of extreme finesse.

  • Sébastien Sébastien also plays the ultra-local menu, this time adapting endive to ham, in a pressed endive, pork trotters with ham, béchamel in a square of puff pastry, and a grapefruit and orange sabayon sauce to counterbalance the mess .


    To give a note

    Same observation as for the two friends, greedy, but not very architectural.

  • PascalWe were surprised by the audacious association that Pascal wanted to make by combining the white chocolate of a sphere and its interior of mashed potatoes, sea urchins, scallop tartare, scallop sauce. We had seen worse in this season, finally. Suddenly, we even closed our little mouths when he assured that it would work well, respect. And then Stéphanie Le Quellec tasted, and confirmed that it had nothing to do with them. Ah.


    To give a note

  • No elimination for this episode, and a qualifier for the semi-finals, that of Arnaud!
    No Insta link or candidate’s website eliminated to send you, so we take the opportunity to spin another, that for example of the Recho, which feeds the weakened, exiled populations, and brings them closer to the local populations around the kitchen. The Recho teams will also be in Strasbourg from June 18 to 19 for a solidarity itinerary open to all.

    By Henry Michael