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By The Worm Brush

– Published on May 13, 2022 at 11:00

There are only about eight weeks left with the long-awaited return of JapanExpo. After two years of waiting, the event will be back to the delight of fans. But in the meantime, let’s take stock of the manga releases at the end of May!

The world of Japanese animation has been very lively in recent weeks! Not only the adaptation of Vinland Saga is now entrusted to the animation studio MAPPAbut in addition the studio BONES has officially released two special OVAs for My Hero Academiathe publication of which should be completed this year.

On the manga side, he is the author of Mashle which announced that the manga was entering its final arc. While sales are dominated by behemoths like One Piece or Jujutsu Kaisenthe announcement of the end of a title like Mashle proves to us that the manga industry struggles to find strong and catchy titles that will stand out in the eyes of the public. But besides, in terms of releases, which ones are we most looking forward to for the second half of May?

Ningyo at Glénat – Released May 18, 2022

An original creation from Glénat, Ningyo will be released on May 18.

You certainly know the infamous Aokigahara forest? Also known as the “Sea of ​​Trees” or “Suicide Forest”, it is known to be the site of most suicides by hanging in Yamanashi Prefecture. Original creation of the editions Glenat, Ningyo plunges us into the adventure of Kai, a young teenager whose older brother committed suicide by hanging in Aokigahara. His need to understand his brother’s gesture will push Kai into the heart of the forest where he will have an amazing encounter.

why we love Ningyo? Original creation of the editions Glenat, this novelty is a one-shot. This work is more like a love song to life than a traditional manga. Following in Kai’s footsteps, we realize that the world we live in is both strong and powerful, but also fragile and gentle and needs our protection. Through the character of Ningyo, a mythological creature with a magical voice, Mr Tan calls us to a burst of ecological survival. Take care of our world to better take care of our soul, that’s what we seem to be saying Ningyo. To be read with the eyes of the heart and the soul.

Violence Action T01 at Pika Edition – Released May 18, 2022

Violent Action

Volume 1 of Violence Action will be released on May 18, 2022 by Pika Édition.

You have most certainly heard of the manga The Fablereleased last year by Pika Edition ? If you liked this title, you will love it Violent Action. Hiding behind the image of a call-girl service, a contract killer agency offers its services to whoever can pay. Among the professionals who work for this agency, Kei, a young accounting student, is the most requested killer and her skills are far from trivial.

why we love Violent Action? This novelty, published since 2016 in Japan, immerses us in the double life of Kei who is sometimes a professional killer, sometimes an accounting student. Completely offbeat series, we follow this young woman expert in revenge. Beyond the dark and violent theme that Violent Action, it is mainly Kei’s personality that surprises. Indeed, she does not kill to kill and scrupulously follows a line of conduct such as not mixing personal feelings at work. She will not, in the middle of a contract, hesitate to take a break to study. Her character is particularly endearing and makes us want to follow her in all her adventures.

The Elusive Samurai T01 & T02 at Kana – Release May 20, 2022

The Elusive Samurai

The first two volumes of The Elusive Samurai will be released on May 20, 2022.

Published in Japan since last year, The Elusive Samurai plunges us into a feudal Japan. Heir to the Shogunate, the young Hôjô Tokiyuki sees before his eyes the city of Kamakura ravaged following the rebellion of Ashikaga Takauji, war hero. While the young boy is determined to die with his family, his survival instinct seems to have decided otherwise.

why we love The Elusive Samurai? This novelty from Kana approaches heroism with fresh eyes. While we are used to seeing strong, powerful and fearless heroes, the character of Tokiyuki is at the antipodes of this received idea. Not that he’s a coward, but he has a particularly impressive ability to survive. Even though he claims to be ready to die, in the end it is not the case and his survival instinct pushes him to fight and flee. The manga also has a lot of humor in store for us through the character of Yorishige who looks more like a charlatan than a real medium.

Dress of Illusional Monster T01 at Soleil – Release May 25, 2022

Dress of Illusional Monster

Volume 1 of Dress of Illusionnal Monster will be released on May 25, 2022.

Ah the world of fashion! If you liked Halstonseries netflixor that you are simply passionate about the world of creation, you should love Dress of Illusional Monster. This novelty from Sun plunges us into the magical daily life of Kinuyo, a young seamstress who is trying to take over her grandmother’s workshop. Between dragon leathers, unicorn horn powder and other magical materials, Kinuyo will go to meet her grandmother, but also herself.

why we love Dress of Illusionnal Monster? In her quest to take over her grandmother’s sewing workshop, Kinuyo immerses us in a magical and magical universe. With his looks Harry Potter, this novelty makes us travel and dream. Full of hope, the young heroine is of limitless kindness. His sidekick, Harriette, is fortunately there to bring him back to earth and the contrast between his physique and his character is surprising and adds spice to the story! A manga to read for all fans of creation and which could even reveal some forgotten passions for some or some!

Shy T09 by Kana – Release May 27, 2022


The ninth volume of Shy will be released on May 27, 2022.

Landed in France in early 2021, shy is a series that we presented to you in our article Superheroes in manga: A new normal? Since this novelty, few superhero manga have so far joined our manga libraries. However, with the imminent end of My Hero Academia, there should soon be a place of choice to take. That being so, shy is not the superhero cliché. Indeed, we are used to having strong, powerful, charismatic, self-confident and even arrogant superheroes, and above all adults for the majority. But the character of Shy is the opposite of all that.

Teru Momijiyama is a very reserved young teenager who nevertheless leads a double life. On the one hand she is an average high school student, on the other, she is the Japanese superheroine called Shy. And the least we can say is that it bears its name very well. Despite his powers, Teru struggles to find her place as a vigilante. It is precisely this atypicalism that gives the series its cachet. The author offers us a more human version of the superhero, and it is clearly not to displease us!