Top-selling comics, thrillers and novels

Will Asterix be dislodged by One Piece? Answer next week … While waiting, the brave Gallic resists invaders very well and continues to dominate the Top 20 without fail since its release on October 23. Asterix and the Griffin (Albert René) dominates the ranking and is still ahead of the 28th volume of Adventures of Blake and Mortimer (Blake and Mortimer) and the Goncourt of the year, The most secret memory of men from Mohamed Mbougar Sarr (Philippe Rey / Jimsaan). Catherine Nay made a big jump towards fourth place, with the 2e take from Memories, Memories: You know it well, time flies (Books).

In total, nine comics and manga are ranked in the weekly Top 20 GFK / Livres Hebdo, including the only entry of the week, Jujutsu Kaisen, vol. 12 (Ki-oon, 10th). The thriller and the thriller are also doing well with four titles signed Guillaume Musso, Ken Follett, Stephen King and Véronique de Haas.

Finally, in addition to Goncourt, we find in the table the Goncourt of high school students / Femina, S’adapter by Clara Dupont-Monod (Stock) and the Renaudot, First blood Amélie Nothomb (Albin Michel).

Top 50 Quarterly Fine Books

Vivian Maier empress of the beautiful books of the quarter with three books ranked in the Top 20, including the best seller in the sector and the third (read our Phenomenon of the week). There is also a certain hype American with the entries of Born in the USA from Barack Obama et Bruce Springsteen (Fayard, 4e), Georgia O’Keeffe (editions of the Center Pompidou, 8e), and Road Trip NBA (Amphora, 10e). Among the novelties, the heroes are also popular: Asterix class two titles (6e and 14e), The Snow Leopard land 5e, Dragon Ball in guide version between 13e, and the guide to Studio Ghibli arrive 29e. Popular culture and cuisine also competes for places. Underline the entries In the kitchen from Cyril Lignac (Practical Hatchet, 24e) and of The Beatles : Get Back (Seghers, 26e).

Top 20 monthly Tourism

New York, New York. After the domination of Italy last month, here is the big comeback of the long haul. This was before the tensions in the West Indies and the invasion of the omnicron variant which again restricts movement. But in November, the French already saw each other at New York (Le guide du Routard, Hachette Tourisme), king of the sector (up 12 places). Three overseas territories emerge: the Routard de la Réunion (2e), Guadeloupe (6e) and Martinique (7e). Other sunny and distant entrances, always at Routard: Costa Rica (9e), Thailand (14e), Mauritius (17e). Italy, Portugal and the Canaries are still in great demand. The Routard reigns with fifteen classified guides. Lonely Planet manages to place a new title, Dubai in a few days. Just like Michelin with its Motorhome getaways France.

Top 50 fiction

It is not only in the Top 20 that sales are frozen around the same titles. Side novels, there are few upheavals in the first fifteen. On the one hand, the rewarded books (The most secret memory of men, Adapting, First blood, The postcard), on the other hand thrillers or detective stories (The unknown woman of the Seine, For nothing in the world, After, The prophecy of the bees, Code 612: who killed the Little Prince?). There is only one entry, that of the 2021 American Literature Grand Prix: Where happy people lived from Joyce Maynard (Philippe Rey).

Top 50 non-fiction

Catherine Nay still outperforms the competition in the second week. Three entries are emerging: Alexandra Kollantaï d’Hélène Carrère d’Encausse (Fayard, 20e), Josephine Baker of his son Brian Bouillon-Baker (Rocher, 31e) and Flashback acide from Philippe Maneuver (Robert Laffont, 32e).

Top 20 pockets

Here too the picture is not really upset. No entries and the top five sellers are identical from the previous week: 13 at the table! 2022 (Pocket), The red muse by Véronique de Haas (Fayard), The stranger of the forest d’Harlan Coben (Pocket), One in a billion chance by Gilles Legardinier (I read) and All the blue of the sky by Mélissa Da Costa (The Pocket Book).

Top 20 comics

Asterix, Blake and Mortimer, Vincent Lacoste, Goldorak, Mortelle Adèle, Largo Winch and Kylian Mbappé continue to rule sales on the eve of the holidays, all ranking in addition in the 20 best sales of books of all formats and genres. Even the eternal Rabbi’s cat (11e tome, Dargaud) by Joann Sfar fails to dislodge them, while entering with panache in 14e position.