Ubisoft employees seek to improve their work environment

For months, Ubisoft has found itself in the midst of controversy over the accusations its workers have brought to the media, revealing cases of harassment, discrimination and nepotism among the leaders of its most important projects, as well as some of the most important leaders. among the directors of the French video game studio.

And although the case did not reach levels of gravity comparable to the Activision-Blizzard affair, it is evident that employee demands were not met, which is why “ABetterUbisoft” has emerged in the news. social regressions, a proposition in which it is sought to attract the attention and support of the public in this situation.

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This Friday, November 5, a statement appeared on Twitter which directly parodies the newsletters Ubisoft sends by email to “Far Cry 6” users to encourage them to spend more time in the game.

The dedicated message in this brochure is dedicated directly to Yves Guillemot, CEO of the company. “We were disappointed Mr. Guillemot. 100 days, meetings without request. He can surely do better than that ”, affirms this strong statement of the employees of Ubisoft.

ABetterUbisoft points out that 100 days ago an open letter was signed in which they asked for four key requests to improve the working environment of the company, which have not yet received a response, so now they are asking to fans of games developed by study to sign this petition. They also encourage developers or general company employees to join this cause.

On October 29, this group of Ubisoft employees expressed support for the plight of Activision employees, who recently pledged to hire more women and workers who identify as “no.” binaries ”.

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Ubisoft workers and the Activision affair have actively fought to improve their working conditions following various allegations of sexual misconduct by some of their managers. Activision’s case received more media attention after it was revealed that many of its managers maintain an environment similar to that of an “college fraternity” where employee harassment was part of the story. routine.

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