US box office: The locomotive “Dragon Ball” dethrones “Bullet Train”

When nostalgia wins. On the occasion of the release of two new films awaited, the receipts of the American box office started to rise again last weekend. With a total of 77.2 million dollars, we are certainly far from the performance around 100 million dollars observed during the month of July, but the revenues generated are up 18.1% compared to the previous weekend, with a lower number of releases (30 new releases versus 56).

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The animated film “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” succeeded in its arrival by winning first place for a total of 20.1 million dollars, in line with the latest films distributed by Crunchyroll, like “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” which at the beginning of the year had garnered 17.6 million dollars for its release. In France, this “Dragon Ball” is not expected until October 5th. Another release therefore follows on the podium with ‘Beast’, carried by Idris Elba in the role of a doctor chased with his family by a lion. only totals $11.6 million.

‘Top Gun’ dethrones ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

The leader of the two previous weekends, “Bullet Train” with Brad Pitt, is content with third place and a volume of receipts which is now close to 70 million dollars. Dean of the American box office, “Top Gun: Maverick” bends but does not break and becomes the 6th biggest success of all time with more than 680 million dollars on the counter. This place was previously occupied by “Avengers: Infinity War”, released in 2019 with a halo of 678 million greenbacks. The sequel to “Top Gun” should soon make short work of “Black Panther”, which totals $700 million in revenue and occupies the fifth position of the most viewed films in history in the United States.

The Top 10 of the US box office from August 19 to 21, 2022

1. “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” (3,018) / $20.1 million
2. “Beast” (3,743) / $11.6 million
3. “Bullet Train” (3,781) / $8.0 million / $69 million
4. “Top Gun: Maverick” (2,969) / $5.8 million / $683.4 million
5. “Krypto and the Super Animals” (3,537) / $5.8 million / $67.5 million
6. “Thor: Love and Thunder” (2,755) / $4.0 million / $332.1 million
7. “Nope” (2,381) / $3.5 million / $113.8 million
8. “Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru” (2,654) / $3.5 million / $350 million
9. “Where the Crawfish Sing” (2,608) / $3.1 million / $77.7 million
10. “Bodies Bodies Bodies” (2,541) / $2.4 million / $7.4 million

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