Vinland Saga: Finally a date for season 2! – melty

By Juliet

– Posted on 27 Oct 2022 at 17:41

Vinland Saga is one of the most popular series. After the success of the first season, the second season was made official last year. And we finally know when it will be released!

In July 2021, the announcement of a second season for Vinland Saga delighted fans of the series! Since then, little information has been available. We know, however, that just as The attack of the Titans for its final season, the series was leaving the animation studio WIT for the benefit of the studio MAPPAknown for his work on very popular licenses like Jujutsu Kaisen Where chain saw man. Broadcast between July and December 2019, the first season of Vinland Saga was made available on Prime Videothe American company’s streaming service Amazon. But a few days ago, we learned that the series was going to join two other streaming platforms.

Indeed, while we learned that season 2 of Vinland Saga would be broadcast in January 2023, Crunchyroll and netflix have both announced that they will broadcast the series in France. Crunchyrollwhich continues to be developed, has already confirmed that Vinland Saga season 2 will be simulcastwhile netflix only indicated the upcoming arrival of the series in its catalog. The first season of the anime has also joined the catalog of both platforms. Moreover, we do not yet know which of the two platforms will offer a version dubbed in French or even if a VF version is planned. A trailer was also released on social media.

Vinland Saga: A particularly popular manga

In France, Vinland Saga is published by the publishing house Kurokawa since January 2009. Consistently, the series has topped Oricon’s top weekly and annual sales charts in Japan. In season 1 of the anime, we met Thorfinn, a young boy wishing to avenge the murder of his father. So he put himself in the pay of his murderer, Askeladd, a warlord for whom everything has a price, including loyalty and honor. Having become cold and lonely over the missions entrusted to him, Thorfinn will nevertheless be forced to change his view of the world.