Vinland Saga Season 2: A historic challenge for the MAPPA studio (Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen)

news culture Vinland Saga Season 2: A historic challenge for the MAPPA studio (Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen)

Vinland Saga is one of those sagas that took on a whole new dimension when the anime adaptation aired. Certainly known to insiders, the manga conquered the West by landing on Amazon Prime Video in July 2019. Faced with such success, fans hoped for the announcement of a season 2 in stride, and yet, we had to wait no less than 3 years to see Thorfinn on the horizon.


  • A season 2 in ambush
  • A historic project for MAPPA

A season 2 in ambush

Season 1 of Vinland Saga ended with the broadcast of its 24th and last episode on December 30, 2019. The franchise then disappeared completely to finally draw season 2 during the Anime Expo which was held in July 2022 , three years after Thorfinn’s first animated steps on the small screen. The formalization of the sequel to the adventures of the young Viking was a great surprise for all fans of the manga and / or anime as the first season had made a strong impression on these same fans.

Anime series are sometimes announced years in advance. This is not the case with the sequel to Vinland Saga. Season 2 will launch its first raid on Japanese TV in the month of January 2023, i.e. in 6 short months. The wait will certainly have been long, but Viking fans are now reassured… salvation will come from the seas with the winter batch of anime from the Land of the Rising Sun. In addition, a season 3 and even a season 4 have been mentioned by the director. The epic promises to be epic and rich in adventures.

A historic project for MAPPA

This will not have escaped the fans, Vinland Saga season 2 is entrusted to MAPPA, a prolific structure to which we owe Terror in Resonance, The God of High School, Attack on Titan Season Finale, Jujutsu Kaisen and its cinematic prequel Jujutsu Kaisen 0. The Japanese studio therefore climbs aboard Thorfinn’s longship and takes the season 2 orders instead of Wit Studio (Attack on Titan Season 1 to 3, Bubble). It should however be noted the presence on this season 2 of the director Shūhei Yabuta as well as part of the creative team who had officiated on the first season. As a reminder, the first season was a real phenomenon when it was released in 2019, and praised among other things for its loyalty to the paper work as well as its quality of animation.

How to approach a historical saga after having worked on several fantastic series?

This time, addressing a more historical side is important for MAPPA, especially for branding, even if it is only from season 2, and we hope that it will please the fans and that they will be there. It’s a historical saga, and even if Thorfinn really exists, there in Vinland Saga, it’s not exactly from the same period. We are really based on the life of the Vikings and the way they lived to represent their way of life as best as possible. – MAPPA studios (Hiroshi Seko, Makoto Kimura, Manabu Otsuka)

Vinland Saga Season 2: A historic challenge for the MAPPA studio (Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen)