What if Itadori could also use this technique?

If you follow the weekly chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen, you most likely know that Itadori is once again in big trouble. Facing a formidable adversary that is Higuruma, Itadori finds himself once again sentenced to death. A situation which is not new since at the beginning of the history of the manga, he had already been condemned to death by the exorcists who see in him only the return of the terrible Sukuna. Although at the time Itadori had a respite thanks to Satoru Gojo, today he finds himself alone in front of his opponent and finds himself, on top of that, deprived of his occult energy.

Higuruma when Itadori arrived

What if Itadori succeeded in unlocking his extension of the territory?

As said before, Itadori is currently in a complicated situation facing Higuruma and will therefore have to find a solution to get out of it. It was on reddit that a theory that could save Itadori emerged today. If you remember the Yasohachi Bridge mission arc correctly, Fushiguro found himself in a similar situation when faced with a plague holding one of Sukuna’s fingers. While dominated by his opponent, Fushiguro decided to fight seriously and then deploys for the first time son extension of the territory, allowing him to regain the upper hand and defeat his opponent.

It is with this in mind that a user of reddit emits the theory that Yuji could develop an extension of the territory and that this new faculty would allow him to defeat Higuruma. Nonetheless, Yuji is currently deprived of his occult energy, It would therefore be necessary for him to find a loophole in his opponent’s power in order to be able to appeal to this new power. In addition, when two territory extensions clash, only the most successful extension wins. It will therefore be necessary for Itadori to deploy an extension much more successful than that of Higuruma.

Finally, the Judge Man of Higuruma, announcing the death penalty, announced a second confiscation. Does this new confiscation cancel the first one, which would allow Itadori to call on his occult energy? What is more, if Itadori were to be able to deploy an extension of territory, the type would be ignored. Would he deploy his own extension of territory or would it be that of Sukuna, thus leaving him free reign? No doubt we should know soon how Itadori is going to fare, but remember that the author of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gege Akutami, has no mercy for his characters and it would not be surprising if he submits Itadori undergoes an extremely violent ordeal.