What’s going on in Higuruma’s head?

The clash between Higuruma and Itadori was expected to be one of the most intense of this arc. And several theories have circulated, including the one saying that, pushed to its limits, Itadori could use an extension of the territory to get out of it and thus defeat his opponent. In this week’s chapter, released as a simulcast on MangaPLUS, things take an almost unexpected turn, suggesting that Higuruma could eventually become a comrade in arms of Itadori. Indeed, the beginning of the chapter opens with personal memories of Higuruma’s career before the deadly hunt was unleashed.

Itadori Yuji dans l’anime Jujutsu Kaisen

At this point in his life, Higuruma is given a proposal many lawyers revered: to become a judge. And while Higuruma explains how Judge Man’s confiscation and death sentence clearly work, he also expresses his deep disgust for the human being, at the same time wondering why Itadori declared himself guilty. of the murders committed during the Shibuya drama arc. It is also on this occasion that we discover that, regardless of the choice of Itadori during the two judgments, Higuruma already knew in advance that they were the actions committed by Itadori.

Faced with the questions of his opponent, Itadori explains that he is as responsible for the murders as Sukuna. Explaining his responsibility by his weakness. And while Higuruma changes his mind about the use of his points but also about Itadori, he decides to start an exchange with his (future) former opponent. Higuruma indeed seems to have a huge weight on the consciousness that he needs to shed. Although he told Itadori that he was going to give him his 100 points, is he really going to do it? Will he set conditions? Or, on the contrary, will their discussion be interrupted and Higuruma killed by an unexpected character? It is indeed since chapter 163 that Fushiguro no longer appears, then can he arise in the middle of the discussion being pursued by his adversary?