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It’s Monday, welcome to the Daily! On the menu of the day: the boss of Sony provides more details on the Playstation Plus offer, Pixel War breaks records on Twitch, and the Attack on Titans which is not ready to end.

Sony boss reassures players about Playstation Plus

Announced recently, the new Playstation Plus offer offers different types of subscriptions. Between the Essential, Extra and Premium offer players will be spoiled for choice. And precisely, the players quickly asked themselves questions vis-à-vis the games that will be available in demo. Jim Ryan reassured players by announcing that first-party games from Sony’s internal studios will be there, as well as others from third-party studios. Information that comes up against the commercial logic of Sony, for whom the big blockbusters represent a large part of their income.

Pixel War is raging on Reddit

You may know this, but right now it’s war on Reddit’s R/Place channel. An image war where all users can deposit a pixel on a large digital fresco. Obviously, French streamers are in the game, like Kameto, Inoxtag, or even Zerator. A large French flag has been erected on this digital canvas, and several subreddits have been mobilized to participate in this great competition.

The end of Attack on Titan is not for now

You were surely hyped by the conclusion of the Attack on Titan saga. The final season finds itself further divided after an announcement from studio Mappa. After 3 seasons, the studio behind the Jujutsu Kaisen adaptation has revealed that SNK’s ending will air sometime in 2023, with no specific date, or more information. A news that does not necessarily delight fans of the anime, who are eagerly awaiting the final revelations. The opportunity to immerse yourself in the work of Isayama to bring out all its subtleties.

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