10 Happiest Anime Characters With The Saddest Backstories

The anime really knows how to tug at the heartstrings. When it comes to stories, that’s when the tears flow the most. Backstories are a great way to better understand a character. He answers questions about why they act the way they do in the present. There are too many examples of characters being left broken by their horrible past.

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However, there are a few exceptions where the characters are still able to show kindness and optimism despite their sad fate. Rather, the trauma these characters faced made them stronger versions of themselves, and they’re still able to see the good that life brings.

dix Tanjiro retains his humanity even after losing everything (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro and wisteria flowers - Demon Slayer

In demon slayer’In the first episode, Tanjiro’s life was struck by tragedy, as he discovered that his entire family had been attacked by a demon. Such an event would be enough to break many characters, but somehow Tanjiro is still able to sustain it, mostly due to his new mission to find a way to turn his sister back into a human.

Tanjiro has so much kindness and humanity in a world of despair and devastation. His compassion is so admirable, even though he has every right to despise the world he lives in because of all the pain it has caused him and those he loves the most.

9 Meliodas remains carefree despite his ongoing tragedy (Seven Deadly Sins)

casual Meliodas - the seven deadly sins

Meliodas is the strongest character in Seven capital sins, and will not hesitate to fight for those he loves. Despite being nicknamed the Sin of Wrath, Meliodas has a very laid back personality for the most part. He’s a prankster, a flirt, and very nonchalant, but his backstory is a huge contradiction to his current lifestyle.

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He used a demon until he fell in love with a goddess named Elizabeth. Due to this scandalous and unconventional relationship, the two were cursed with a fate worse than death. Meliodas receives immortal life while Elizabeth dies in Meliodas’ arms each time she is reincarnated. Meliodas saw Elizabeth die a total of 106 times.

8 Koro-Sensei’s past is the reason he cares about his students (Assassination Classroom)

korosensei assassination classroom closeup

Considering the fact that he was one of the most dangerous assassins in the world, Koro-sensei seems to have a big heart. He grew up in a land where no one could be trusted, and that’s what led him down a path of assassination. Koro-sensei is eventually captured and forced to undergo an experiment that fuses anti-matter with his own cells. He soon develops a mutual relationship with a woman at the facility, Aguri Yukimura.

When Aguri died, he promised to protect and care for his class. His carefree approach to life and treatment of Class 1-E was a way for him to honor his promise to Aguri.

sept Maybe Guy Had To Work Hard To Succeed (Naruto)

Smiling Might Guy - Naruto

Might Guy is one of the most authentic characters in Naruto. He only gives off positive vibes and is a very friendly person. Growing up, his father was his biggest supporter and always encouraged him to never give up. Guy was able to enter Ninja Academy as a substitute due to his efforts beyond his limits and hard work every day.

After his father’s death, Guy recalled when his father said that victory comes by giving your life to protect what’s important. It’s a philosophy that Guy follows throughout his life, and the encouragement his father gave him is reflected in his teaching and training with Rock Lee.

6 Shoko shows kindness to her bullies (a silent voice)

Shoko's first day of middle school - A Silent Voice

Shoko is a sweet and kind girl, all she wanted to do was make friends at her new school, but she only received hate and torment, made worse by being deaf. The fact that she couldn’t even hear what her bullies were saying about her made the situation even more devastating.

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She managed to keep smiling and try to befriend others. When she reunites with Shoya in high school, it reopens old wounds and she suddenly comes face to face with her childhood memories. All in all, it’s surprising how Shoko was able to stay so positive when such terrible things were happening to her.

5 Eri finally smiles after being rescued (My Hero Academia)

Eri smiling with Mirio - My Hero Acadmeia

Eri is still a kid, but her story proves why seeing her smile during a concert is such a big feat. With her Quirk, Eri accidentally rewound time to a time when her father no longer existed. She soon finds herself in the “custody” of Overhaul who treats her as nothing more than an experiment for his own twisted ambition.

When she’s finally rescued by heroes and freed from Overhaul’s rule, she’s able to experience all the wonderful things about being a normal seven-year-old girl. Eri now loves life and the happiness it brings, which is exactly the ending she deserves after such a sad start to her childhood.

4 Yui is full of life even in the afterlife (Angel Beats)

Smiling Yui from Angel Beats

Because Angel Beat’ the characters live in a version of the afterlife, they all have tragic stories from their past lives. However, Yui’s harsh reality while alive didn’t stop her from being joyful in the afterlife. Her bright and boisterous personality is likely a reflection of the fact that she spent most of her life as a quadriplegic after being involved in a serious car accident.

Yui spent her life bedridden and her mother provided for her every need. Her upbeat personality is her way of fully living the life she never got to live, and it’s great to see her able to truly appreciate the things she loves.

3 Naruto fights for his dreams during a lonely childhood (Naruto)

Naruto alone on a swing - Naruto

It’s a miracle that Naruto became the hero after the childhood he had. Due to the Kyūbi inside him, everyone in the village immediately portrayed him as a threat, despite Naruto being innocent. His parents sacrificed their lives to save him, which made him even more alone and feared.

He was supposed to be protected and cared for, but in the end he had no one. Despite this lonely childhood, Naruto still had big dreams of one day becoming the Hokage of the village that hated him. This dream gave him the strength to go on and prove everyone wrong by becoming the most powerful person in the world.

2 Kirishima wants to be brave due to his lack of confidence growing up (My Hero Academia)

Pleurer Kirishima - My Hero Academia

Kirishima is one of the most positive characters in my hero academia, so when his backstory was revealed, it was surprising that he was never always like that. He dreamed of becoming a professional hero, but when he saw classmates being interrogated by a mysterious figure, he froze in place and couldn’t step in to save them.

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He is frustrated with himself, wondering why he couldn’t go into the situation without thinking twice, and saying he would never be a Pro Hero if he was too scared to save someone. When he watches an interview with Crimson Riot on TV, it inspires him to become the brave person he is now. This ambition is reflected in his journey to becoming a brave Pro Hero.

1 Brook always sees the funny side regardless of his tragic past (One Piece)

Brook's soul returns to his body - One Piece

Brook has a carefree spirit, a heart of gold, and is larger than life. However, this prospect may come as a surprise when you consider its backstory. Brook’s former captain and half his crew have died of a mysterious illness, and he becomes the new captain of the surviving crewmates. Before long, the remaining crew are attacked by enemy pirates who have used poisoned weapons. One by one, all of Brook’s teammates died until only Brook was left. Thanks to his Devil Fruit, Brook’s soul is returned to his body.

Unfortunately, the ship’s rudder is damaged and Brook is left to drift through the sea completely alone. It is remarkable that he is still able to see the humorous side of life after decades of loneliness.

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