10 MHA Villains Who Deserve More Screen Time (And Why)

My Hero Academia features an extensive cast of heroes, villains, and everyone in between. Since this anime is about a world full of unique quirks, the possibilities of finding superpowers are endless. The story focuses on Izuku Midoriya and his classmates from class 1-A as they train to fight the despicable villains who wreak havoc on society.

Unfortunately, there are so many villains that appear in the series that some have inevitably been left behind. Although the League of Villains is the most prominent group of antagonists in the series, there are other villains who deserve to appear on screen as well.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for My hero academy, My Hero Academia: VigilantesMy Hero Academy: Heroes Rising and My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission.

10 Chitose Kizuki (Curiosity Killed The Journalist)

Aptly nicknamed “Curiosa”, Chitose Kizuki was one of the most prominent members of the Meta Liberation Army. As a journalist, she was driven to write intriguing stories to captivate audiences. Ella chitose was determined to get the scoop on anything she was obsessively curious about.

His quirk allowed him to turn anything he touched into an explosive that he could detonate at will. He often used it to harass whoever he wanted to interrogate for a piece. Although his methods were questionable, it would have been interesting to see what could have happened in history if he had gained the power to manipulate the media on a large scale. Unfortunately, Chitose’s curiosity led to her death, so her time in the series was cut short.

9 Ena and Dio were a couple that could beat any full house10 villanos de la mha que merecen mas tiempo en pantalla y por que 1

Ena and Dio were a villainous duo who appeared in the most recent film in the series, World Heroes Mission. Together, they go under the alias “Serpenters”. After teaming up against Katsuki, the two were imprisoned at the end of the film. However, they were quite entertaining during their fight.

The twins’ quirk was Sword Kill, which allowed them to create flexible swords that came out of their arms. When the twins took their weirdness-enhancing drug, Trigger, they were virtually unstoppable. Although this duo is exclusive to the film, it’s undeniable that they were two of the most formidable villains in the entire series.

8 Geten Had An Interesting Philosophy10 villanos de la mha que merecen mas tiempo en pantalla y por que 2

Geten was one of the most loyal soldiers in the Meta Liberation Army. He was in love with Re-Destro’s charisma and felt indebted to him. However, that’s not what makes Geten so fascinating. He has a pretty interesting philosophy when it comes to weirdness.

While many others in the world of My Hero Academia aspire to become heroes with their quirk, Geten never had such aspirations. He trained his Ice Manipulation quirk in his own time because he believes that the strength of someone’s power is the only testament to their worth in this world. Geten’s quest for power is his true passion, and he punishes himself when he loses or if a battle ends in a draw.

7 Nine’s Vision For The World Was Fascinating10 villanos de la mha que merecen mas tiempo en pantalla y por que 3

Had Nine not chosen the path of villainy, she could have been a voice of reason for society. Unfortunately, Nine became one of the most formidable villains in the series due to her volatile temper and his unpredictable fury. Nine only appeared in the second film of the series, Heroes: Rising. However, his view of the world is quite suggestive.

Nine believed that heroes and villains should be irrelevant in a superpowered society, as hierarchy is determined by force. With this philosophy, he justified numerous experiments on his own body to become the ultimate life form. It’s also worth noting that Nine’s view of the world was not self-centered. Her goal was to create a world without oppression for her three companions.

6 Mustard’s Design Had Much More Potential10 villanos de la mha que merecen mas tiempo en pantalla y por que 4

Although dispersing a sleep-inducing gas isn’t the series’ most powerful or unique quirk, Mustard was still an intriguing character. His only appearance was during the Forest Training Camp arc, but he left quite an impression on fans.

His design was intriguing, and the way he utilized his rather lackluster quirk made him a dangerous opponent. Mustard’s quirk isn’t the strongest, but it is a headache for the heroes. After dispersing the gas into the atmosphere, he can decipher any movement inside the gas by sensing how it moves in the air.

5 Kaina Tsutsumi wowed her fans10 villanos de la mha que merecen mas tiempo en pantalla y por que 5

Although anime fans have no idea who Kaina is, those who read the manga were intrigued by this fugitive from Tartarus from her first cameo. Her story is quite intriguing as she used to be a pro hero before choosing the path of villainy. She became a villain after being fed up with the state of hero society.

He was horrified to realize that heroes are universally admired by children, who are unaware of the real bloodshed behind the scenes. Although Kaina was quickly arrested again, her fans were captivated by her and intrigued by her philosophies. Occasionally, the villains of My Hero Academia they can be quite insightful.

4 Rappa Was An Honorable Fighter10 villanos de la mha que merecen mas tiempo en pantalla y por que 6

As one of the Eight Bullets of the Shie Hassaikai, Rappa served Overhaul. However, he did it for the sole purpose of one day defeating him. Certainly, Rappa didn’t stand much of a chance against Overhaul, but he was an honorable warrior with a solid cast of character.

He didn’t have much of a role in the main story, but he did appear in the Underworld Masquerade of vigilantes. In any case, fans are hoping to see more of Rappa before the series ends.

3 Magne never had his moment of glory10 villanos de la mha que merecen mas tiempo en pantalla y por que 7

Magne could have been one of the strongest fighters in the League. She briefly showed off her close-range combat skills during the Forest Training arc, but Magne never had a good fight scene after that.

Its peculiarity, magnetism, can attract men and women by opposite poles. This quirk works even at a great distance. This trait could have been one of the most versatile in the series, but unfortunately, Magne was killed by Overhaul before she could shine or live up to her potential.

2 Spinner deserves a little more appreciation10 villanos de la mha que merecen mas tiempo en pantalla y por que 8

Spinner represents a group of individuals in the world of My Hero Academia who surely experience a lot of ridicule: the heteromorphs. Also, he’s not crazy about destruction like some of his colleagues. He joined the League because he was a Stain sympathizer. Stain empowered Spinner when he felt like a social outcast due to the ridicule and ostracism he faced for his mutant weirdness.

Following the Paranormal Liberation War, he became a similar figure to Stain. He gathered other heteromorphs and gave them power. Although he is a recurring figure, fans wouldn’t mind Spinner getting more of a spotlight. He might even be the most sensible member of the League.

1 Stain (the hero killer), could have had a much bigger role in the series10 villanos de la mha que merecen mas tiempo en pantalla y por que 9

Although he was one of the many prisoners to escape from Taratus, fans would still like to see more of Stain in general. He is arguably among the top five best written villains of My Hero Academiaand could certainly have had a more prominent role in the series.

Although he played an important role in vigilantes, Stain’s impact on the main story should have been much more prominent. After escaping from Taratus, he told All Might of his thoughts, but not much has been seen of Stain since. Stain’s conviction knows no bounds, and his ideology, in retrospect, was not that radical. Stain believes in true justice and refuses to subordinate himself to other villains like All For One.