10 My Hero Academia characters that belong to other anime series

The world of My Hero Academia packed with colorful characters, the interesting combination of their Quirks and their motivations creates a fascinating kaleidoscope. Genetics turns this world of heroes into loosely organized chaos.

The character designs are so unique that most fans wouldn’t associate them with any other anime. However, despite all the new things My Hero Academia brings to the table, viewers of Anime series You may have long found that certain characters would not be out of place in other anime series.

Previously, we reported that the one that the global anime consumption has nearly doubled since 2017 and shows like My Hero Academia from the creator Kohei Horikoshi they are responsible for the huge increase in popularity.

My Hero Academia characters in another anime

Deku de My Hero Academia (Jujutsu Kaisen)

  • Izuku Midoriya podría ser aprendíz de Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Izuku Midoriya (Deku) begins the anime Quirkless before receiving One for All from All Might. As Izuku struggles for the first time under the weight of his new ability, he becomes more and more proficient at it with each passing day.

The super strength he inherits from All Might joins the peculiarities of other One for All users, such as Float or the temperamental Blackwhip. With all this power at his disposal, Izuku could easily have been part of Jujutsu Kaisen and be an apprentice to Satoru Gojo.

One for All shares many similarities with the cursed techniques. For example, Danger Sense is no different than a sorcerer’s ability to see curses, and Izuku’s Detroit Smash may remind fans of Itadori Yuji’s Divergent Fist. For more information, read Deku from My Hero Academia and his new Quirks ranked by utility.

Shoto Todoroki de My Hero Academia (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

  • Shoto Todoroki could be Prince Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

On Avatar: The Last Airbender, each of the four nations of your world has dominion over one element: fire, ice, water, and earth. When the Fire Nation launches a campaign of world conquest, Avatar Aang’s job is to stop them.

The story and abilities of Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia are similar to those of the Prince zuko, the prince of the Fire Nation and the original antagonist of the series. Zuko even has a scar on his eye and a bad relationship with his father.

He also befriends the protagonist to teach Aang to control fire. Of course, Shoto prefers to use his ice abilities, and his mastery over its flames is in its infancy, but that only gives him more potential. His double Quirk practically has him halfway to becoming an Avatar.

Katsuki Bakugo de My Hero Academia (Beelzebub)

  • Katsuki Bakugo could be Baby Beel’s adoptive father (Beelzebub)

The explosive Katsuki Bakugo It has come a long way since the beginning of the anime. When he starts out, he is a violent, rude and arrogant bully. However, his character gradually improves and he even apologizes to Izuku for bullying him, but his terrible personality still has a lot in common with the protagonist of Beelzebub, Tatsumi Oga.

Tatsumi is chosen as the father of Baby Beel, the son of the demon lord Beelzebub III, precisely because of his violent behavior. Bakugou could have easily taken his place and maybe even joined Baby Beel much earlier.

Masahiro de My Hero Academia (Naruto)

  • Masahiro Ojiro could be a friend of Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

With eye-catching quirks like One for All, Hot and Cold, and Explosion all around, the tail of Mashirao Ojiro easily overlooked. But his mastery of martial arts and his growing ability to use his extra limb would have made him an excellent ninja if he had lived in the universe of Naruto.

He would definitely have joined Naruto for that. Perhaps it has even become Kurama’s vessel instead of Naruto. Either way, the Hokage would not have been able to ignore the sheer talent and skill of Ojiro My Hero Academia. You can see the Naruto anime on Crunchyroll.

Himiko Toga de My Hero Academia (Seraph of the End)

  • Himiko Toga could be part of Krul Tepes’ army (Seraph Of The End)

Himiko Toga My Hero Academia is among the youngest members of the League of Villains. Her Quirk, Transform, gives her a fascination with blood and leads her toward villainy. But on some worlds, Toga’s bloodthirsty nature would not have been so out of place.

In fact, he would have been part of the ruling class of vampires in Seraph of The End (Owari No Seraph). Himiko would have become an asset to parents like Krul Tepes, while her skills and sense of combat would have made her a deadly opponent for the Moon Demon Company.

Moonfish de My Hero Academia (Tokyo Ghoul)

  • Moonfish could be a macabre experiment of Professor Kanou (Tokyo Ghoul)

During the Forest Training Camp Arc, the young Class 1-A and 1-B heroes are attacked by the Vanguard Action Squad. Led by the notorious Dabi, the team has other members who are almost as dangerous as the rogue Todoroki.

The villain Moonfish it remains memorable for being particularly unpleasant. He looks like a cannibal, fascinated by devouring meat. His obsessive desire is so intense that it distracts him from his task.

His Quirk, Blade Tooth, makes him a dangerous long-range combatant, but between that and his straitjacket, it appears to be one of the experiments of the Professor Kanou on Tokyo Ghoul. He may not have pulled a kagune like Kaneki Ken does, but everything else is there.

Nezu de My Hero Academia (Psycho-Pass)

  • Nezu could be part of the Sibyl System (Psycho-Pass)

As an extremely rare case of an animal with a gift, the director Nezu it has a tragic history. It has been experienced by humans and its trauma has left scars, both physical and mental. He resents humans for their actions and has a sadistic personality, a trait that becomes clear during the final exam with students Ashido Mina and Kaminari Denki.

His quirkiness, high performance and unusual personality would make him a perfect candidate for the Sistema Sibyl, the hivemind police organization that rules Japan with an iron fist on Psycho-Pass. The only obstacle would be the fact that he’s not actually human, but Nezu is definitely smart enough to be an exception.

Snipe from My Hero Academia (Sword Art Online: GMO)

  • Snipe could be a player in GGO (Sword Art Online)

The look of Snipe it is very similar to that of Dyne, the Ace sniper leader of the PvP squad Sinon is a part of in Gun Gale Online. Unlike Snipe, who prefers guns, Dyne’s weapon of choice is an assault rifle.

Still, the duo would look perfect fighting side by side. In fact, Snipe would probably be a better leader for Dyne’s team, as his experience as a Pro Hero and his Homing Quirk far exceeds Dyne’s abilities.

One thing is for sure: if Snipe had been present at GGO, Sterben would not have gone crazy. This is a master hero that no one wants to mess with. Recently, Sword Art Online Releases New Update On Aria Of A Starless Night.

Dark Shadow de My Hero Academia (Kuroshitsuji)

  • Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow would be a great companion to Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

A Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji (Black Buttler) he likes to say that he is “an amazing butler” every time he takes out Ciel Phantomhive’s enemies. It is actually a demon that Ciel has made a contract with due to his desire for revenge. But Sebastian’s help comes at a high cost as he ultimately wishes to devour Ciel’s soul.

He has his own personal demon in the form of his Quirk, Dark Shadow. Dark Shadow is not always easy to handle, and he is not an ancient demon, but he is loyal to Tokoyami. His birdlike appearance may remind Black Butler fans of Sebastian’s raven form and the dark feathers that fall around his real body in the anime.

It is a contract that Tokoyami was born with, and in general, one with many more advantages than the one between Sebastian and Ciel. On the other hand, we invite you to read about Deku vs Tokoyami Who wins in a battle?

Gigantomachia de My Hero Academia (Attack on Titan)

  • Gigantomachia is practically a Titan (Attack on Titan)

GigantomachyThe newest, and somewhat reluctant, addition to the League of Villains roster, he is loyal to All For One and originally views Tomura Shigaraki as unworthy. It’s pretty simple, to the point of being distracted by a recording of All For One’s voice.

However, his abilities more than make up for it. His displays of strength, speed, and stamina are remarkable even to the world of My Hero Academia. He’s even immune to Dabi’s flames. Increasing in size as he gets excited, he can blow heroes with his breath.

Many of his abilities, as well as the design of his character, make him very similar to the monstrous titans of the popular series Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) disponible en Crunchyroll. Everything from his size to his lack of intelligence to his breath (reminiscent of the steam from the Colossal Titan) would make you feel right at home on Paradis.

Where can My Hero Academy be seen?

In addition to Crunchyroll, some countries can watch My Hero Academia anime on Netflix and his movies in Amazon Prime Video. The original manga of My Hero Academia is available in MANGA Plus by Shueisha and VIZ Media.

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