10 My Hero Academia Things That Have Aged Poorly

the one worldfrom My Hero Academia and its well-developed characters have made it one of the most popular shonen anime today. That said, it’s a modern anime that borrows ideas from past anime, and doesn’t always make the best decisions about which anime tropes to use.

My Hero Academia it’s not immune to the use of tired anime tropes and less-than-stellar plotlines. Whether it’s characters that fans are tired of seeing or designs that don’t make sense, there are certain parts of the series that haven’t aged well, despite the series’ 5-year run.

10 Fans are tired of Mineta

It’s hard to believe that one of the heroes is the most hated character in the series when there are villains who have killed people. That said, many fans have a good reason to look down on this student from class 1-A.

Mineta has not only groped her classmates, but is constantly looking for ways to spy on them while they are naked. The perverted character trope was already old when it first aired My Hero AcademiaBut with more women talking about their experiences with sexual assault, this kind of behavior is not funny at all, it’s intolerable.

9 Midnight Is The Wrong Kind Of Sexy10 cosas de my hero academia que han envejecido mal 1

My Hero Academia has made both male and female characters perverted, which is certainly not something the series should be proud of.

Although Midnight doesn’t grope anyone, her behavior towards her students is incredibly inappropriate and creepy. Fans may forget that the students are children, but the fact is if Midnight was a real person she wouldn’t be a hero, she would be in jail.

8 Nobody Stopped Midoriya From Harming Himself10 cosas de my hero academia que han envejecido mal 2

Although Midoriya eventually learned how to use the One For All without breaking his bones, he was initially willing to mutilate himself to practice using his Quirk. It also doesn’t help that All Might knew he was going to self-harm and didn’t warn him or try to find a different solution.

All Might is a beloved character, but looking back it’s hard to believe that he allowed Midoriya to be so self-destructive. Even if Midoriya was trying to protect others from villains or, in Todoroki’s case, trying to protect him from himself, he shouldn’t have been wanting to harm himself to get stronger.

7 Bakugou’s Previous Bullying Makes It Difficult For New Fans To Like Him10 cosas de my hero academia que han envejecido mal 3

Bakugou is a much-loved character who is often number one in manga popularity polls. However, he got off to a rocky start and it can be hard for new fans to understand why so many people like him.

He started off by bullying Midoriya and even tells him to jump off a roof so he can get a Quirk in his next life. That’s definitely not the attitude someone who wants to be a future hero should have, but luckily she goes through a lot of changes throughout the series and ends up being a much better person.

6 Pixie-bob Intended for students10 cosas de my hero academia que han envejecido mal 4

Although Pixie-bob seemed quirky and funny at first, her character was a bit weird in hindsight. During summer camp, she grew attached to Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugou for her abilities and even stated that she wanted to “groom” them.

However, some fans have not realized that she did not want to prepare them to be heroes, but romantically. For an adult to say that she wants to “groom” the kids is definitely creepy and makes her character a lot less likeable, especially when she turns to see herself.

5 Yaoyorozu’s outfit makes no sense10 cosas de my hero academia que han envejecido mal 5

A common discussion that comes up in fan spaces from My Hero Academia it’s Yaoyorozu’s outfit, which makes sense considering the exposed body part. While some like to use the excuse that his outfit has to be revealing because of his Quirk, that’s not really true. It’s clear that his costume is risky for fan service.

This is a problem because she is supposed to be a freshman in high school when the series begins. Not to mention that she’s out of character for Yaoyorozu to willingly choose an outfit like this. Something with tons of zippers and tech would make a lot more sense to the smartest person in class 1-A.

4 Too many things were revealed in the hot springs10 cosas de my hero academia que han envejecido mal 6

If the villains hadn’t attacked the summer camp, the heroes-in-training would have used that time to train their Quirks and learn more about each other. Although most of their summer vacation was spent training, they still had time to relax. A hot spring was made available to the students so that they could heal their aching bodies after a long day of work.

For the most part, the anime and manga did a good job of censoring everything, but that wasn’t the case with the female students, especially Ashido. After a failed attempt to spy on the girls, she showed herself too much to the public. The girls are supposed to be underage and it’s a bit creepy that the series shows their bodies.

3 The Heroes Trust Rookies To Fight Dangerous Villains10 cosas de my hero academia que han envejecido mal 7

It is a common trope in anime that the world is often saved by teenagers. My Hero Academia avoided the trope at first. Even when the students were attacked by the villains, the adult heroes carried the brunt.

However, things have changed during the later seasons, and more responsibilities are assigned to Midoriya and the other hero students. Most of the events take place during the first months of their stay at UA, it’s ridiculous that the boys are expected to do so much.

2 Higakure is always naked10 cosas de my hero academia que han envejecido mal 8

Yaoyorozu’s habit is pretty bad but it’s nothing compared to Higakure’s who doesn’t have any. When she’s not wearing her school uniform she walks around completely naked, which doesn’t make sense from a story point of view.

Not only is it incredibly unsafe for her to walk around fully exposed, but other male characters are given suits that work around their Quirks, so there’s no reason Higakure couldn’t have the same. A pair of boots and gloves aren’t enough for this future hero, and it’s another example of unnecessary fanservice.

1 Many of the women are underdeveloped10 cosas de my hero academia que han envejecido mal 9

Even though My Hero Academia has done better than most anime when it comes to developing female characters, the series doesn’t always do a good job. Mirio and Tamaki were given a backstory during the overhaul arc, but Nejire wasn’t given any backstory, which is disheartening considering she’s also a member of the Big Three.

The same problem affects the heroes as well. Aizawa has tons of backstory, but Midnight, who is also a teacher, has received little to no development. Yes My Hero Academia wants to be better, he has to pay more attention to women.