5 Best Anime To Watch If You Like My Hero Academia

my hero academia is one of the best shonen anime of the decade. Over the past few years, this anime has gained popularity among young adults, teenagers, and even children. It’s an action-packed, humorous and inspirational coming-of-age anime that focuses on friendship and power.

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The plot of my hero academia centers on Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, a teenager who lives in a world where more than half the population has superpowers, aka “Quirks”. Some people even use their powers to become superheroes. From a young age, Izuku always wanted to become a superhero like his favorite idol, All Might, but unlike his friends and most of the population, Izuku never developed a “Quirk”. However, he is not one to give up easily, and despite his helplessness, he will always pursue his dream of going to UA High School, a school for future superheroes.

5 soul eater

Picture of soul eaters

soul eater is a story set in Death City, where many evils exist that can only be treated with “Death Scythians”. These “Death Scythians” are humans capable of transforming part of their body into a demonic weapon. They are trained in a technical academy called Death Weapon Meister Academy. However, to become a Death Scythe, one must collect all 99 Evil Souls and one Witch Soul, which is exactly what Soul Eater Evans must do if he hopes to achieve his goal.

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This anime’s high school plot and its ultimate goal of becoming something more is very similar to MHA, yet the supernatural story is very different. Either way, fans of the superhero genre will always enjoy this anime.

4 A punch

Photo of Saitama in One Punch Man

A punch is the story of Saitama, a boy who trained for three years to fulfill his dream of becoming a hero. Although he achieved his goal, his plan backfired when he grew so powerful that a single punch was enough to destroy his enemies. Saitama, who misses his talent, meets a cyborg named Genos. Genos gives Saitama a new purpose by becoming his disciple. The two also embark on a journey to become members of the Hero Association.

This anime is similar to my hero academia due to his superhero concept and the fact that like Deku, Saitama primarily fights with his fists and both are known for their powerful punches. Action-packed Shonens fans will enjoy this comedy anime series.

3 Little Witch Academy

Photo of Little Witch Academia Akko with flying friends

Little Witch Academythe premise sounds a lot like My hero academia. Akko lives in a world where magic and witches exist, but like Deku, she’s also one of the few people born without her “powers” or, in this case, without any magic. As a child, she attended a magic show by her idol and favorite witch, Shiny Chariot, and since then she has wanted to follow in her footsteps. She eventually attends Luna Nova Magical Academy, a prestigious school for future witches despite having no magic.

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fans of my hero academia would love the concept of a “powerless” or “magicless” character who won’t stop chasing his dreams until he achieves them, would definitely love this lighthearted, comedic anime.

2 black clover

Photo of Black Clover Yuno and Asta

black clover is similar to both MHA and Little Witch Academy in terms of concepts and plots. The story follows Asta and his brother Yuno, who lives in the Clover Kingdom, a world where magic exists. Their world is ruled by the Witch King and nine groups of magic knights, who ensure that peace reigns. Asta and Yuno’s dream is to become the next Wizard King of their generation. Like Deku and Akko, Asta is the one in this story to be magicless, unlike his brother, who has a knack for controlling wind magic. Asta is envious, but like other protagonists of the same anime genre, he will persevere and find a way to achieve his goal.

black clover is another action-packed anime filled with comic moments and difficulties. Fans of the iconic “weak protagonist who is finally no more” will love this anime. Additionally, Deku’s English voice actor Justin Briner voices a supporting character in this anime called Luck Voltia, which fans might find interesting.

1 fire force

Fire Force Team Standing Looking Up

fire force is an anime set in Tokyo where a series of spontaneous human combustions continue to endanger the lives of civilians by turning them into violent monsters called “Infernals”. Three generations later, some humans were able to harness this combustion within them and become pyrokinetic (people with fire abilities). Shiran Kusakabe can set her feet on fire at will and wishes to use her powers for good by joining The Fire Force.

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fire force is another anime that focuses on future heroes and their journeys to becoming the best version of themselves. This anime looks like my hero academia due to Shiran’s similarity to Deku. Both characters use the power they have in their feet and legs to defeat their enemies.

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