5 curiosities of All for One, the villain of My Hero Academia par excellence

All For One is one of the biggest antagonists of My Hero Academia, and the ambition of his master plan makes him worthy of being known by all in depth. This is your chance

Throughout the more than 300 manga chapters and 6 seasons of animeHundreds of events that have taken place as a result of All For One’s plans have been explained, so it’s time to learn everything about this character and his gift, the work of the mangaka Kohei Horikoshi.

1. All For One’s mask is like Darth Vader’s

It is not crazy to relate both masksconsidering that horikoshi is a big fan of Star Wars, from the filmmaker George Lucas, to such an extent that it has greatly inspired him for the drawings of My Hero Academia. The dark tone of him and the functions that he gives to All For One for survive they make them very semblance.

2. All For One and Blackbeard

It is not uncommon to make tributes and references among mangakas, and Horikoshi did so with Eiichiro Odawho created the character of Blackbeard, from one pieceso he could steal abilities from his opponents and use them against them, just like All For One. Did you know that in addition to ability, they also share voice actor in it anime?

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3. All For One and One For All, the personified dichotomy

All For One is the opposite of All Might, to such a degree that one was born with the power to bestow gifts and the other was born without a gift; nothing to see one wants rule the worldand the other wants all the world be free. However, a literal and absolute dichotomy is practically impossible and, in favor of a greater elegance in their contrast, they share aspects of their lives.

Indeed, both are the masters of the two characters to those who have transferred their gift, Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku Midoriya, who duel to neutralize the other, although it is true that the ideals of their successors are also opposite. All Might has acted as a sensei for Dekuinstilling in him impeccable values ​​and ethics, while All For One has led to shigaraki down the path of madness and psychopathyeven manipulating him through his own demons to help him fulfill his mission.

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4. All For One was tricked

All For One seeks to recover the One For All. When All For One and her little brother were little, she gave him the power to store other gifts without being aware that her little brother I already had a gift: that of transferring gifts. Both gifts merged and gave rise to One For All, which allows the user’s gifts to be accumulated and transferred to the next. If All For One had known thiswould never have provoked his own nemesis.

All for one and one for all

5. All For One could be Deku’s father

Although it is not confirmed information, many wonder who Izuku Midoriya’s father is. Let’s keep in mind that on many occasions there are characters who have single parent families. In the world of anime, the quintessential case is the Pokémon anime, in which Ash (Satoshi), Maya (Dawn) or Serena have with only one parent. Considering that the father of Deku is absent, maybe because I don’t know him, because of family problems or because of work, in addition to the fact that there is nothing that relates to Deku no All For One in that sense, it is very unlikely to say that All For One could be Deku’s father.

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