9 Ways My Hero Academia Is Better As An Adult

Truly gory anime aside like attack on titan, It is a common misconception among some non-anime viewers that anime is only for children or teenagers. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as adult viewers can often find a higher level of enjoyment in mainstream shows.

One of these cases is the popular anime My Hero Academia. The shonen series has a huge following among younger anime fans, but if it has become so widespread it is also because it has won over many adults. In fact, in a way, My Hero Academy it is best for older members of the anime community.

9 My Hero Academia’s Adult Characters May Be More Intriguing Than Young Ones

My Hero Academia focuses on the journey of protagonist Izuku Midoriya as he learns to master his abilities and become a great hero. But some of the adult characters are just as important as Izuku. In fact, Izuku’s mentor, All Might, is the iconic character of the series.

His dispute with All For One is the axis on which the entire series revolves. It is quite possible that older viewers appreciate Yagi Toshinori’s character more than younger viewers. And All Might is certainly no exception to the rule. Other Pro Heroes like Eraserhead and Hawks have their own fan base. Some civilians, such as Izuku’s mother, Inko Midoriya, have also sparked interest. Meanwhile, some viewers enjoy imagining the students of Class 1-A as Pro Heroes in their own right, rather than focusing on their lives at UA.

8 Adults find some of the underlined messages suggestive9 maneras en que my hero academia es mejor cuando eres adulto 1

Many young viewers can see My Hero Academia out of a simple desire to see Izuku persevere in his quest and defeat the League of Villains. However, some adults may find more fun in interpreting the deeper underlying messages.

Some reasons invite reflection, especially in the case of the prejudices that Izuku faces growing up without Quirk. Mutant Quirk users and “villains” also have similar experiences, and in a way, this may be a nod to the discrimination that many minorities have to endure in today’s society.

7 Adult viewers can be pickier when it comes to certain topics9 maneras en que my hero academia es mejor cuando eres adulto 2

My Hero Academia it’s interesting, but it’s certainly not perfect. Although it tackles problematic topics that are often present in real life, the way certain topics are dealt with in the series is not always appealing to viewers. Endeavor’s spousal abuse is one such case.

Many fans are dissatisfied with Endeavor’s redemption arc, and this may be particularly prevalent among older viewers. Still, they are perceptive enough to process the concept with a critical eye. Similarly, the real implication of Katsuki Bakugou’s harassment of Izuku Midoriya can be better understood by an adult who can understand the real consequences of long-term abuse.

6 The show’s gray morals have made the villains especially popular9 maneras en que my hero academia es mejor cuando eres adulto 3

It’s not uncommon for villains to be popular. After all, everyone likes bad boys. My hero academy does a good job of portraying his antagonists, even making Tomura Shigaraki his protagonist in the arc of My Villain Academy. Given all of this, it stands to reason that numerous members of the League have garnered the interest of fans. Alongside Shigaraki, whose background makes him a truly tragic figure, the villain Dabi has also become very popular due to his connection to Endeavor.

His fellow League of Villains Twice is also a fan favorite. Although it’s hard to tell the exact age of fans of these characters, the gray morality tends to be very appealing to older viewers, who find the complexity of these characters compelling.

5 Adult viewers can enjoy the inspiration of the characters in comics more9 maneras en que my hero academia es mejor cuando eres adulto 4

The oldest fans of My Hero Academia They certainly don’t have a monopoly on likeability for All Might, Hawks, and Dabi, but they can process the characters differently. Many adult viewers may be more familiar with the comics’ inspiration in the heroes and villains created by Kohei Horikoshi. The creator doesn’t hide it, and some Marvel and DC heroes even make slight cameos.

All Might’s resemblance to Superman is obvious enough for anyone to notice. The vigilante Knuckleduster has been compared by many to Batman. The current Mic may remind some viewers of Canary or Banshee. All For One has many things in common with Darth Vader. The more experience someone has with these other franchises, the more they will enjoy it.

4 The Quirks’ Creativity Can Be A Breath Of Fresh Air For Adult MHA Fans9 maneras en que my hero academia es mejor cuando eres adulto 5

It is not easy to find an original anime. It’s especially hard for longtime anime viewers who’ve been around long enough to see the same themes repeated over and over again. My Hero Academia isn’t completely immune to this trend, as it includes its fair share of shonen tropes.

But at the same time, it’s creative enough to hold the interest of adult viewers, providing a breath of fresh air for fans of the genre who are tired of watching the same old thing over and over again. Certain oddities like the Creation of Yaoyorozu Momo, the Dark Shadow of Fumikage Tokoyami, and the New Order of Star and Stripe add a lot to the story and keep viewers intrigued.

3 The Concept Of “Quirks” Creates A Lot Of Room For Theories Of Knowledgeable Hobbyists9 maneras en que my hero academia es mejor cuando eres adulto 6

Part of the fun in any kind of medium is the lore, and the creativity of the Quirks has an even more interesting effect on the fandom. Viewers with knowledge in the field of genetics have come up with complicated theories about where the Quirks came from, passed down through the genes.

On a more specific level, some viewers enjoy Izuku’s Quirk analysis sprees, creating theories about how each individual ability works. This is more common among adult viewers, who have a solid background in biology or even experience in the medical field.

2 The last seasons of the series can be quite dark9 maneras en que my hero academia es mejor cuando eres adulto 7

MaybeMy Hero Academia not be bloody, but it can be violent, especially in the later seasons. To say it’s scary would be too much, especially by anime standards. But there are certain sequences that would be at least off-putting to a younger viewer. One notable example is the fate of the Shigaraki family, including the graphic death of her dog, which was quite shocking.

Some later deaths in the Paranormal Liberation War arc can also be annoying. It’s certainly not inappropriate for younger viewers, but adults may have an easier time taking in certain events, especially if they’ve seen bloodier series in the past.

1 Maturity Gives Hobbyists A Different Perspective On Boats9 maneras en que my hero academia es mejor cuando eres adulto 8

Much of the hostility within the fanbase by MyHero Academia consists of matchmaking wars between viewers who view their matches as superior to everyone else’s. It’s not exactly a rule, but these fans tend to be a bit younger. Maturity tends to give fans a different perspective on ships.

As an adult, a fan usually understands that having a personal preference for a matchup doesn’t make someone else’s preference any less valid. It takes hostility out of the equation and allows fans to simply watch the anime without making anyone feel bad about their own perceptions.