A cosplayer became Dabi from My Hero Academia using only makeup

Makeup artist and cosplayer salma_aitb has shown her version of the villain on Instagram. In the history of My Hero Academia, Dabi He acquired his characteristic burned and scarred appearance after losing control of his powerful fire generator Quirk; salma_aitb was able to recreate that look using only traditional makeup.

In addition to his recreation of Dabi, salma_aitb He has used his art to transform into several other anime characters with equally unique appearances, such as Akaza from Demon Slayer, the sadistic Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen, and the mischievous Ryuk from Death Note. The artist frequently posts her cosplays on her Instagram account, along with information about the products she uses and skincare tips.

Fans of Dabi they should look forward to the next season of the anime My Hero Academia, as the villain will play a major role in the series’ next story arc. Dabi is one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, an army of super-powered villains that wage an all-out war against the professional heroes of Japan. Dabi is just one of many opponents Deku will have to face, although he will not be alone: ​​The most recent trailer for the series was shown at this year’s Jump Festa, and it showcases the countless superheroes and villains who will participate in the biggest battle of the series. The anime’s sixth season premiere is scheduled for fall 2022.

While the anime of My Hero Academia takes shape, Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga prepares for its grand conclusion. After months of hints that the story was nearing its end, Horikoshi released a statement at the Jump Festa announcing that, barring delays or unforeseen stops, Deku’s story will finally come to an end sometime before the end. of 2022.

The news came as no surprise to many fans, as publisher Shueisha announced in early 2021 that the series had entered its “final act,” and the manga has begun to close several plot threads, including the final reveal of who it is. the traitor of the UA institute. Even though the story is coming to an end, the franchise is still as popular as ever; The last film in the franchise, World Heroes’ Mission, easily beat its prequels at the box office, while the manga was the fifth best-selling series of the year in Japan, with more than 7 million copies in 2021.