A fan art of My Hero Academia shows us a unique version of Mt Lady

My Hero Academia It has become popular in recent years and it currently has a large number of fans around the world, which is why it has become one of the most striking themes today, and some are truly talented. They surprise us with their creations that ask nothing of the original versions shown in the anime.

Something that has caught our attention is that many fans have shown their appreciation for the anime, with the realization of amazing fan arts dedicated to their favorite characters, of which today the female character of Yu Takeyamaalso known as mt ladywhich will manage to leave more than one fan with their mouths open.

Curiously, an artist has decided to make a tribute in the form of fan arts, in which we can see what the female character of Mt Lady would look like, ready for battle at the most High-res version. This fan art has taken the sweetest and most attractive side of the character and presents her to us truly charming.

Best of all is that, NeoArtCorE He wanted to immortalize this incredible character by showing her in a charming pose, he made an illustration of Mt Lady in a more realistic drawing style that allows us to see her figure and shapely body in detail moments before entering the battle. Within the anime, she is the 23rd pro hero and a member of The Lurkers.

For those who are not into the anime, we will tell you that Mt. Lady is a voluptuous young woman who has purple eyes with white pupils and elegant and long eyelashes. She has long, voluminous, creamy blonde hair that reaches to her waist. Her Hero Outfit consists of a skintight light purple and light brown bodysuit, accented with orange stripes.

His Quirk, or rather his special power, is “Gigantification”, which, as his name suggests, allows him to assume gigantic dimensions, up to more than twenty meters in height, so it goes hand in hand with what is shown by the talented NeoArtCorE.