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April Fool’s is usually related to practical jokes that ruin the illusions of many people. However, this is not always the case, and occasionally we see a little joke that warms the hearts of a group of people. This is the intention of the joke that Studio BONES, studio responsible for the anime adaptation of My Hero Academiadelivered to us today.

Through their official accounts, Studio BONES announced Hero League Baseball. My Hero Academia in a spinoff that does not put them in front of the dangers that the League of Villains represents, but to compete in a Baseball tournament. Here we can see Red Riot, Fat Gum, Mt. Lady, Gang Orca, and “Ball Might”, the team’s official mascot.


In case it’s not obvious enough, Studio BONES has joined the celebrations for April Fool’s, and Considering that this same year we will see the sixth season of My Hero Academiait would have been interesting to see two productions of the same series at the same time.

On related topics, Dragon Ball Super anime will not return in 2023, it was all a joke.


Editor’s note:

Considering the large number of spin-offs that My Hero Academia has, it would not be a complete surprise if in the future we see at least one alternate history where Deku and company play baseball, which is a fairly common trope in anime, with series What Dragon Ball Super and jujutsu kaisen participating in this sport.


A new MHA spin off is on the way

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