A superhero anime that all fans of My hero Academia and One Punch-Man will love

All fans of anime and manga series have become attached to some of the themes seen in the most popular animes, and it is that, at present, we can see that there are many fans of superhero productions, and many of the fans of My hero Academia and One Punch-Man will know more in detail.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that it is surely one of the best inventions that fiction has given, and which has even been coming to anime over the years. Because today one finds anime of everything, but obviously the popularity of superheroes allows for hits like “My Hero Academia”, “One Punch-Man” or the anime that we show you today, “Tiger & Bunny”.

Tiger & Bunny, the most human superheroes of all

We should mention that when referring to the best superhero anime we are not referring to the animation or production values ​​of an anime, we are literally talking about how an anime treats the concept of the superhero. “Tiger & Bunny” is the best of all there is to see. Why?

Tiger & Bunny is not a simple display of superpowers. In fact, compared to the rest of the superheroes in other anime, here is surely one of the most ‘humanized’ superhumans of all, for better or worse. How then do we consider it the best of its kind? For the fact that the concept of justice is always in doubt.

Ideas like revenge or selfishness are just a few things that superheroes themselves have to constantly deal with. Not one is the paradigm of perfection, but it is in that imperfection that together they work for a better society. A very important point of Tiger & Bunny is the fact that the achievements of superheroes have been turned into reality in a live television program.

Again, there are conflicting ideas at all times: what is more important? That the program works well so that the superhero system can continue or get citizens to safety as soon as possible? Obviously the action is important in a superhero show, and Tiger & Bunny delivers on it, but the ideals of the characters and society shine much brighter, and are what ultimately become the engine of the story.