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the anime of My Hero Academia has returned with a sixth season that is making us all vibrate with emotion and epicity. Of course, a very strong weight of the great success of this work is carried by the heroes, but also the villains. Especially one of the most charismatic villains in all of My Hero Academia. successor to All For One and also, one of the main antagonists. Indeed, In today’s article I am going to tell you everything about Tomura Shigaraki. So be prepared for a lot of spoilers if you only watch the anime.

Who is Tomura Shigaraki?

Tomura Shigaraki, or by his real name, Tenko Shimurais one of the names that come to mind when you think of the villains of the play. One of the two main antagonists of My Hero Academia. The future king, as referred Himiko Togaand the successor to All For One.

Shigaraki is one of the most ruthless villains and one that honors the word villain in anime in general. He was taken in and raised by All For One when he accidentally killed all of his family, except for his father, who was with the intent to kill. His goal is the same as his master’s, to kill All Might and end any symbols of hope, as well as the Hero Society.

All For One is her father figure, being her adoptive father and also the person she has been raised with. Thanks to him, Shigaraki is able to make sense of all the anger and hatred that she feels inside of her. He was the leader of the feared League of Villains and also decimated the Liberation Front to take their troops under his command and form the Paranormal Liberation Front.


His childhood and the awakening of his Don

Tenko Shimura he dreamed of being a hero, but his father forbade him to talk about it or play at being one. All these prohibitions were born from traumas that Shigaraki’s father had due to the fact that his mother, nana shimurawas a heroine who abandoned him to fulfill her work and never acted as a mother.

On one of those days, Shigaraki’s sister, Hana, showed a photo to Shigaraki himself. Nothing more and nothing less than his grandmother appeared in that photo. Her father finds out about her and her sister, instead of confessing that it was her idea, blames Shigaraki for forcing her. His father, enraged, decides to punish him in a very severe way.

Totally terrified, Shigaraki is hugging his dog Mon, while a great fear and hatred develops inside him. In one of these moments, he realizes that his dog has died, thus confirming the release of his Gift known as Deterioration. Later, after wandering through the city, All For One would pick him up to act as a teacher and adoptive father of the young Shigaraki. He adopts the surname Shigaraki because it is All For One’s surname.

It is All For One who holds the hands of his relatives so that he never forgets the pain and suffering that this traumatic event put him through. This detail is one of the most iconic of Shigaraki in My Hero Academia, along with his characteristic smile or scratching due to his itching.


His powerful skills and abilities

Shigaraki is known to be one of the most dangerous villains in all of Japan. Having a Gift that is most offensive in destructive terms, the Don Deterioration. Shigaraki is capable of reducing everything to dust, everything he touches, of course. For this he needs to touch that object, whether it is alive or not, with all five fingers. The destructive capacity of the Gift Deterioration is very effective. It only takes a few seconds to turn into powder and the air does the rest.

Later, this Gift evolves and allows him to be able to reduce absolutely everything to dust without having to be in contact with it. This gives him an incredible offensive range advantage, thereby reducing one of the two weaknesses his Quirk had, short range. The other, the alteration of the matter so that the Deterioration Gift does not cause immediate effect, thus being able to free the possessor of this characteristic.

Later, and beware of this spoiler, Shigaraki receives the All For One. This makes him the greatest active threat in all of My Hero Academia. What this Gift does is nothing more and nothing less than steal any other Gift, plus Shigaraki can use the Gifts that his master had stored. The Gift of All For One contains the will and consciousness of the previous bearer. For this reason, this previous bearer, his master, tries to usurp Shigaraki’s body on several occasions, using negative emotions such as rage, hatred and sadness.

Shigaraki has a highly developed regeneration, allowing him to recover from very serious injuries after complicated combat. He also enjoys incredible stamina despite the looks of him. This is shown to us twice. One is when he was able to fight Gigantomachia for half a month and resist their attacks. The second time was when he resists the brutal attacks of Re-Destro.

His physical capabilities were also augmented thanks to Daruma Ujiko’s surgery. This was made possible by gaining respect for leading the Paranormal Liberation Front, along with recognition of Gigantomachia’s power. Ujiko agrees to give Shigaraki as much power as possible. Process that was interrupted by Mirko when the heroes decide to attack the headquarters of this organization. Finally, Shigaraki manages to wake up having completed his surgery by 75%.

In addition to his physical abilities, he also has an intellect that he gradually refines after gaining experience facing the heroes. This characteristic allows him to devise better and better assault plans, in addition to being able to better plan fights against heroes.

Shigaraki Curiosities

  • Kohei Horikoshiauthor of My Hero Academia, revealed in an interview that Shigaraki’s hands are one of the things that he finds the most difficult to draw.
  • He also commented that Shigaraki draws inspiration from the protagonist of his first one-shot published in 2007. He receives the name of Tenko and is played by a boy with the same name, basing the events on the war in feudal Japan. Both share a name, powers, they killed their loved ones with them and their motivations are similar. Shigaraki wants to finish off All Might and Tenko wants to finish off all the swords of war.
  • Shigaraki’s hands belong to the entire family he killed during the accident upon awakening his Quirk. Those on his neck come from his mother, those on his arms are from her maternal grandfather, those on his elbows are from his maternal grandmother, those on his wrists are from his older sister her. Finally, the one on his face and head are from his father. Shigaraki destroyed the one on her head, but All For One replaced it with a new one. This hand is said to come from his paternal grandmother, Nana Shigaraki.
  • Shigaraki’s final form vs. Star Y Stripe is very similar to that of Shima Tetsuothe main antagonist of the manga Akira.
  • Shigaraki is the person with the most Quirks in My Hero Academia thanks to the All For One Quirk.

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