All For One’s creepy plans for Shigaraki at My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the industry and it is largely due to its amazing characters that have the role of heroes and villains, so today we will enter Shigaraki, and the plans that has All For One for him.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that Shigaraki’s future, in a certain way, was already sealed when he decided to work for All For One. In My Hero Academia chapter 364, the truth may have finally come to light. All For One just used the quirk of Eri, the little girl who was saved by Mirio, on himself to return to her physical prime, so that he can fight Endeavor at full capacity.

But as the villain reveals, once activated, there’s no stopping it: Eri’s Rewind will continue to have an effect on him until she kills him. In other words, triggering Eri’s quirk on himself means All For One is sacrificing his health to deal as much damage as possible before dying.

Interestingly, All For One says that with his death, he is passing on his dream to Shigaraki. It’s unclear what the All For One/Shigaraki merger will look like, but it’s obvious from their previous statements that All For One plans to become the dominant personality. In other words, All For One never intended to hand over to Shigaraki.

When he started planning as many contingencies as possible for this final battle, All For One obviously projected that one possible scenario could result in him having no choice but to use Eri’s Rewind on himself. Since this would eventually end in his own demise, it is likely that All For One planned accordingly by introducing this alternate fusion so that he could live on in Shigaraki’s body after death.