Aluctoria makes us fall in love with her Ochako Uraraka cosplay from My Hero Academia

The anime industry is very present in the minds of various artists and models of the cosplay community, who delve into characterizations worthy of introducing us to our favorite characters in real life, so today we will set the example with a dedicated cosplay to the theme of My Hero Academia.

Something that has caught our attention is that, today we will see a perfect recreation of what the beloved female character of Ochako Uraraka would look like in the flesh, so all the fans who have seen the Japanese series of My Hero Academia also they know her as Uravity.

Best of all, this cosplay made by the beautiful model Aluctoria has been published on her official Instagram account, and it presents us with a truly charming characterization, in which we can see in detail how Uraraka would look.

The My Hero Academia uniform was perfectly replicated and all the details are in place, so many fans will be left speechless when they see the beautiful silhouette of the model. Surely the model spent a lot of time getting the wardrobe ready in such a meticulous way, starting with the hairstyle.

For those of you who aren’t into anime, Ochaco Uraraka is a UA High School Class 1-A student who is training to become a professional heroine. He is one of the main characters in the My Hero Academia series. In the original version of her Ochaco is a short girl with a slim complexion, so it is wonderful to see her with the attractiveness of Aluctoria.

She is fair-skinned with a perpetual blush on her cheeks. Her eyes are big and round, her hair is warm brown with quite thick upper eyelashes. During school she wears the normal UA uniform, only with black stockings instead of the knee-high socks her other classmates wear.