Amanda shows us the best cosplay version of Mt. Lady from My Hero Academia

start talking about cosplaycan trigger a long and entertaining conversation, where many of the names of the most popular artists will come to your mind, but the movement grows every day and that is why, here we show you all kinds of works cosplaysince doing some interesting work and little they become recognized.

Although of course, there will always be artists for all tastes, that is why we take very seriously our job of helping you to know as much variety as possible, so that you know what your style is. favoriteand enjoy your hobby, so right now, we will tell you about a girl, who appears here for the second time.

This beautiful cosplayer, who for a few years began to work on some video gamebut they seem to like anime much more, and their style seems charming to us.

His name is Amandalives in Orlando Florida, and in addition to cosplaying, she is dedicated to being a streamer, she is very creative and makes herself known as witchyon his Instagram @witchy.brewwhere it has little more than 27 thousand followersand a very large selection of cosplay.

In her cosplay today, the girl brings us Mt Ladywhich is the alias of Yu Takeyamafrom My Hero Academiaa girl who seems to really enjoy becoming a hero, as she is somewhat vain, and is not afraid to use her attractiveness to get more popularity, taking care not to use her powers in small places, as her ability is to become a giant.

Amandawearing the costume of the beautiful Mt Ladya one-piece outfit, with her arms completely covered up to her fingers, of which the upper part is electric blue with red details and the lower part is white, as are the sleeves on her arms.

With blonde hair that reaches her lower back, a mask that allows us to look at her beautiful face and pronounced horns on the top of her head, we see that the girl is not afraid to show her beauty and charms.

We hope that this cosplay has been to your liking, if so, feel free to comment on what you like and what you don’t on our social networks, and please continue on eGamesNews.