Anime: Ashido seems to keep a peculiar secret in My Hero Academia

the series of anime My Hero Academiahas a wide variety of Superherosthat’s why over the years, that’s why this franchise created in 2016, has unleashed all kinds of powers for better or for worse, and the students of heroes in the U.A. High Schoolconstitute the smallest part of what the peculiarities of My Hero Academia.

But now his fans have noticed a detail about the power of ashido, which had been overlooked for a long time. This all started in Redditwhere the user captain diddles directed some of his fans were directed to the second season of My Hero Academiajust when ashido and his classmates began studying for their final exams, and right there, it was where his followers focused on the outfit of ashidoand the elegant girl’s blouse was left in the middle of all kinds of comments, for an unexpected reason.

“Something I noticed while rewatching the second season, Mina must have accidents with her quirk from time to time, that’s why her tank top is full of holes”pointed out the post, and it’s true, in the added image you can see, like the top of ashido it’s riddled with holes, and they’re not in the most common places.

Since, there are holes that cover the upper half of the tank and even part of his armpit on the side, and these are all places where sweat could accumulate during training, and given what we know of the peculiarity of ashidoit seems that his power is what burned these holes through his clothes.

Remember that ashido she secretes acid from her palms as part of her superpower, so it’s likely to spill when she trains, and we know the acid from ashido is strong enough to burn through the thick layer of Aoyamaso his acid burning through a training tank was to be expected, and this gives ashido a new meaning, and acid washed jeans, well hopefully the costume of pinkieresist your acid secretions much better than your usual wardrobe, or you could be in serious trouble.