Anime in theaters for a limited time: the latest films of ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ and ‘My Hero Academia’ have a date for their re-release on the Spanish billboard

This season is coming full of anime premieres in cinema. As if that weren’t enough with the arrival of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0’ in a couple of weeks and the promise that we can see ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ in summer, movies It is already preparing an anime film cycle that begins this week.

Three hits on the big screen

The cinema chain has confirmed that between May 13 and 25 there will be a special cycle in its movie theaters with films edited by Selecta Visión. The anime cycle will be available in selected cinemas and there will be a daily session of each film until the 25th, although the hours and prices will depend on each specific room.

It has been confirmed that they will return to theaters’My Hero Academia: World Heroes Quest‘, ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly‘, Y ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba: Infinity Train‘, so if you missed them on the big screen back then, it’s the perfect time to fix it… or enjoy them again.

Boku No Hero World Heroes Mission

It seems that The three films will be available both in the original version with subtitles and with dubbing in Spanish., although again it will depend on each room. Cinesa has also revealed a list of theaters where this short anime cycle can be seen which, unless something changes at the last minute, would include the following cinemas:

  • The Machinist (Barcelona)

  • Mataro Park (Barcelona)

  • Valles Park (Barcelona)

  • Mendez Alvaro (Madrid)

  • Nassica (Madrid)

  • Parquesur (Madrid)

  • New Condominium (Murcia)

  • Festival Park (Palma, Balearic Islands)

‘My Hero Academia: World Heroes Quest’ is the third film based on the anime series and was released in Spain in November 2021. It is not yet available on any streaming service, but it will go on sale next month in physical format. For its part, ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba: Infinity Train’ It was a box office bomb and is currently the highest grossing anime film in history by adapting the story arc that continues the first season of the anime.

we haven’t seen again ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ in theaters since its premiere in February 2019, when it dominated the Spanish box office. So if you want to warm up your engines for ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’is the best way to do it to have the anime very fresh.