Artist behind My Hero Academia shares a special illustration of Bakugo

In recent weeks, fans of My Hero Academia have been going through moments of tension, suspense and even tragicafter the most recent chapter of the manga, but now we will have to wait how the series develops in the future.

For this reason, one of Kohei Horikoshi’s assistants, Noguchi, decided to pay tribute to one of the characters in the story, Bakugo Katsuki, who has undoubtedly shown great determination to finish off the enemy and also revealed a little more your personality.

via Twitter posted a quick sketch of this young hero from My Hero Academiain which he shows his training over the years, that is, the changes he has had so far.

In the image you can see how it all starts when he is a child and has his All Might trading card with himas he grows older and we see him in his high school outfit.

Source: Twitter @nstime23

Later, we already see him as a young hero after having entered the UA with his Dynamight suit that reveals a little more of the peculiarity he has.

What has caught our attention is that the enthusiasm of bakugo He disappears when he is in high school and he returns when he sees that he can take down the villains together with his classmates.

However, at the end of the drawing and it is difficult to see, it seems that Bakugo is in his current outfit, but it disappears or is simply seen very little, which reminds us of how it ended in the manga chapter of My Hero Academia.

The art comes after the last chapter of the manga, in which points out that it would be the end of the young herobut many refuse to believe it’s truebut everything will be defined in the next episode.


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