Artist Behind My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Reveals New Aizawa Sketch

inside the world of My Hero Academia there are characters who are very loved, including Aizawa Shotawho despite not being a student of Class 1-A, has become the favorite teachers of the fans and has shown to teach very well and care about his students in any situation.

The sixth season will adapt one of the most important arcs in history and is scheduled to premiere on October 1, so the artist of My Hero Academia: Vigilantesmade an incredible drawing of Aizawa, who is prepared for the battlefield along with special equipment.

Through Twitter, Betten Court, shared the image he drew of Aizawa and he is no stranger to drawing the famous hero Eraserhead, since in vigilantes took the opportunity to tell a story focused on the early days of the also former student of the UA Academy

Source: Betten Court

As you can see, Court, got Aizawa ready to face the villains with his Quirk of being able to erase other Quirks and that it is still very important to the heroes of class 1-A, as well as the professionals of the Hero Society.

He wears a tactical team that could be adapted for this sixth season of My Hero Academiain order to help the hero throughout the history of the War Arc that will be adapted in this new installment of the anime, based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi.

The spin off of vigilantes came to an end on May 30, which was written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court, which is a prequel to the mangaka’s original story.

Do you hope to see Aizawa in the next season of My Hero Academia?


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