Author of My Hero Academia finally showed the design of Invisible Girl without being invisible

One of the most recent volumes of My Hero Academia is becoming a real box of surprises, because now among its extra continuations there is also a design of Invisible Girl, one of the main students of the UA Academy

At first it doesn’t sound very surprising since we’ve already seen some designs of the invisible waifu (or at least her gloves). But that is over since the arrival of the volume 34 of MHAbecause among its pages we can see a version of Full body Toru Hagakure without using his Quirk.

The author decided to portray her together with the student Eijiro Kirishima (Red Riot) with a theme alluding to pirates. Although at first we could confuse it, the The gloves this girl wears confirm that she is the Invisible Girl student.

Photo: Jump Comics

There is a particular interest in Invisible Girl since we have only seen a fragment of his true appearance in My Hero Academia manga. After that revelation, hundreds of fanarts began to emerge speculating what the design of this heroine girl would be and finally we have her uncovered.

Speaking of which, we must say that the fanarts were not far from the face that Horikoshi sensei drew. Now that her official face is out in the open, it will be interesting to know if she will feature the Invisible Girl look in the story.

The true face of Toru Hagakure | Image: Today in 24 News

The current final battle between heroes and villains stars in the most recent arc of the manga and with it the author of my hero academia leads to the end of the series.

What did you think of the official Invisible girl design from My Hero Academia?


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