Author of My Hero Academia points towards the final stretch of the manga in its most recent volume

The main story of My Hero Academia nearing its end? It is not the first time that we have heard this question given the circumstances under which his current arc unfolds and now the creator of the series has made reference to this fact within the most recent volume of the sleeve.

This May 02 was published volume 34 of sleeve and as is customary in publications of this nature, the new volume begins with a quote from Kohei Horikoshi giving updates on his current status regarding himself, the series or other topics. It is in this small space where the mangaka gives a new quote about how close he is to finishing his story, noting that he can already see “the finish line” with a somewhat nostalgic message.

“I feel like I can finally see the goal in sight. It’s a rather strange feeling to get to this point. In the past, I just drew without worrying about the future, but now I wonder how many more times I can draw these characters. Change is terrifying as you get bigger and bigger. Well, you really shouldn’t think about that! Until the next volume then!”

Photo: Jump Comics

As you can see, it’s quite an emotional quote that adds the sensei Horikoshi with the publication of the thirty-fourth volume, and it is not for less since almost 8 years have passed since its publication was born. My Hero Academia started as a sleeve written and illustrated by his hand on the pages of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from the Shueisha publishing house since July 2014.

To date it has a total of 337 published chapters and 34 compilation volumes of its main story, the same ones you have collected million volumes sold around the world.


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