Bakugo could host the All For One in My Hero Academia


One of the non-canon movies may have given us a spoiler for the ending…

The My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie caused quite a stir among fans of Kohei Horikoshi’s franchise because it opened the possibility for both Midoriya and Bakugo can have All Might’s One For All. In this production, both heroes have to join forces to defeat an enemy that is quite similar to the well-known All For One.

Much of the fandom has taken this movie into official canon, whether or not Bakugo still has the One For All within him or not, or if it’s possible for this event to happen in the final arc of this franchise. Then, as we have mentioned beforeMidoriya alone may not be enough to beat Shigaraki (and All For One for that matter), which opens up the possibility for relive this epic battle.

As we saw in the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie, Bakugo never ingested any DNA samples from Midoriya, so he only borrowed the Quirk by touching Midoriya’s bloody hand. Unlike the young hero’s technique, Bakugo quickly lost the One For All powers. Nevertheless, if he were to transmit his genetic code like All Might did, we may have a different result.

Let’s not forget that for much of the story, both All Might and Midoriya could use the One For All at will, as both could safely house this quirk. However, even if the fight required Bakugo’s support to hold off the leaders of the League of Villains, there’s a pretty significant drawback.

The problems of Bakugo hosting the One For All in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 left some important reveals regarding the One For All, previous users had aged prematurelylike Hikage Shinomori because they just couldn’t handle multiple quirks. This would raise new questions in the event that we see this possible combat with Bakugo and Midoriya using the One For All.

While All Might and Midoriya can survive this curse because they were born without any quirk, Bakugo would not have this “advantage” in his favor. In fact, it is possible that this was the young hero’s final fight if this hypothetical scenario materialized. Be that as it may, the truth is that the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising shows us really how could a match against Shigaraki or All For One himselfbecause that villain could also take quirkscombine them, heal, have immeasurable destructive power, etc.

My Hero Academia bakugo deku

Nine, the villain in My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising

Bakugo in theory should be able to outmatch Shigaraki. However, the physical strength of the villain is greater than that of the hero. Only someone like Deku can realistically match him. Bakugo encountered Shigaraki in the Paranormal Liberation War and was easily outmatched. In fact, Bakugo was seriously injured by his Rivet Stab technique..

This means Bakugo can’t take a single hit from Shigaraki if he wants to survive. In addition, the quirk Shigaraki’s Decay is an instant kill move in My Hero Academia., which means that our heroes will have to constantly be on the run. At a minimum, Bakugo possesses aerial mobility with his explosive ability. This would be a great help against Shigaraki’s decay effects, which can wipe out entire battlefields.

Also, there is a possibility that we will have a situation similar to the one mentioned above, if Deku were to transfer the One For All to Bakugo, the latter would receive a massive increase in physical stats. During the movie, this powerful duo completely destroyed a supervillain with multiple Quirks, similar to Shigaraki’s main ability. Of course, the question of whether Bakugo would survive the power of One For All is still up in the air.

Even if the movies aren’t canon, the characters still act like they would in the manga. This exact scenario could realistically play out in the main story, and it wouldn’t feel out of place.

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