Bakugo is dead? This we know about the new chapter of My Hero Academia

there will be major spoilers

This article will contain strong spoilers for Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), before continuing reading, we recommend you read the recent chapters through the service of MangaPlus by Shueisha where they are available. Well, as far as we have seen in the recent revelations, Bakugo was completely defeated.

At the start of his appearance, he was puzzled by the huge gap between his powers. He gave her everything he had, and as a reward, our deuteragonist got his arm smashed. yes bakugo is dead. His heart has stopped, this has been confirmed by Best Jeanist, who was her former teacher, and that means the entire team of heroes is depressed. A hero who sacrificed everything for the good of humanity has fallen. It is heartbreaking for us to see that the deuteragonist is dead.

Yes, of course, we have our doubts. Maybe Horikoshi didn’t just kill such an important character from Noku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia).), but from the white eyes he has in his final scene, it seems that this has happened. Like many other writers, he is just using this apparent death as fuel. Perhaps this is the boost Deku needed to get over the edge and defeat anyone who came up against him.

But there are a couple of more interesting things before we get to this tragic scene. Bakugo’s quirk is that his sweat has nitroglycerin which helps him with his explosions.. However, did you know that nitroglycerin is the same compound that is used as a medication for heart failure? This means that his own sweat could simply revive him. One of the reasons we think he should be alive is the fact that he’s probably linked to All for One’s second user. That similar spiky hair, face, and attitude are really reminiscent of our favorite Bakugo, plus his constant appearances. before him.

Will Bakugo’s popularity save his life in Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)?

Popularity polls have shown us that this is the most popular character in the series so far, so it may not be the best decision to cut his progress in this way. Aside from Deku, he should have the biggest character and plot development. In the end, this is a story that serves the fans. And Bakugo is the fan favorite. So in the end, even if Bakugo was temporarily dead, the impact on the series would be a major one. Maybe not now, but we think our deuteragonist will live once more. We’ll see as more chapters are released.

Some of the other details in this chapter of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) is that we see Bakugo get up in a fast and fast way, in fact, he moves incredibly fast, surpassing Shigaraki himself. This is due to the effect of the explosions cluster, which he can create with his quirk, but its power isn’t impressive enough for his own doubts. As he attacks his opponent, Bakugo wonders if he can keep up with Deku..

my hero academia 362

Thanks to the glycerin in his body, Bakugo manages to outmaneuver and evade most of Tomura Shigaraki’s attacks in My Hero Academia Chapter 362. This angered the villain, reminding him of the second One for All user.

This attack makes the villain’s All For One consciousness uncomfortable, he feels the new power that this hero can achieve, even though Bakugo is not an All for One user, he has trouble controlling it. Y, at this point is that the connections between our hero and the second user of One For All continue because that’s when Shigaraki remembers the second user for some reason. Therefore, he goes for an all-out attack!

Bakugo sees himself in a blank space, facing something resembling All Might’s spirit. He regrets that he couldn’t get All Might to sign the card he had saved. Finally, Bakugo’s heart has stopped, Best Jeanist confirms this information, the hero has fallen. Shigaraki says that this was the only possible outcome.