Become a hero with Fortnite x My Hero Academia!

Push your limits! ULTRA PLUS!

Four powerful heroes from the world of My Hero Academia, the beloved anime series, make their Fortnite debut on December 16, 2022 at 09:00 AR and 06:00 MX. But before they start, they first have to train to be heroes!

Enter the Hero Training Gym

From now on, you can see the my hero academia missions for a limited time in Battle Royale/Zero Build and the Island hero training gym (island code: 6917-7775-5190). Complete the missions before December 29 at 21:00 AR and 18:00 MX to get XP and special items:

  • Complete the mission “Help eliminate opponents on the island of Hero Training Gym” (island code: 6917-7775-5190) to get the deku spray.

  • Complete the quest “Get Salvage Points on the Hero Training Gym Island” (island code: 6917-7775-5190) to get the Plus Ultra spray.

  • Complete a total of four My Hero Academia missions to earn the Deku Gauntlet emoticon.

Complete a total of eight My Hero Academia missions to earn the AU Cape retro backpack.

the power of a hero

There are items for their locker, but they will also find the item Deku’s Smash on the island of Battle Royale. Use the power of “One For All” and unleash a powerful blow to topple structures and opponents.

23BR Social MHA Screenshot Social 1

Find Deku’s Smash in All Might Supply Drops and My Hero Academia Vending Machines.

I’m here!

If you want to be a professional hero, you have to win the battle. Fortunately, All Might is here to help. All Might is dropping loot all over the island with a smile, so don’t miss out on the flashy All Might Supply Drops that fall from the sky!

23BR MHA Social AllMightSupplyDrop Social

Push your limits in the Hero Training Gym

Give it your all on the Hero Training Gym island, created by the Zen Creative team of creators. Here they will learn to dole out justice and unleash their power. Choose one of three classes and go head-to-head in team battles in two different arena settings, all while dominating with Deku’s Smash.

23CR MHA HeroTrainingGym Urban2

At the Hero Training Gym, you will get rescue points with eliminations or by capturing the rescue zones that will appear periodically throughout the arena. Players who get an elimination will get a rescue point for their team. A player will get five rescue points for his team if he can hold his position in a rescue zone for the indicated amount of time. The first team to get 100 rescue points wins!

To enter the Hero Training Gym, select the “Hero Training Gym” box on the Discover screen or enter the island code 6917-7775-5190.

You too can be heroes

Four heroes from My Hero Academia land in the Fortnite Item Shop on December 16, 2022 at 09:00 AR and 06:00 MX:

Izuku Midoriya

EN 23BR MHA Social Bundle IzukuMidoriya Social

Thanks to All Might, Izuku Midoriya He discovered that he has what it takes to be a hero and inherited the One For All gift. Currently enrolled in the UA Academy’s hero course, Midoriya is training to become the best hero who saves people with a smile. Use the Full Cowl with the built-in morph emote to switch into his alternate style.

The retro backpack All Might Figure She comes bundled with the Izuku Midoriya outfit. This retro reactive All Might backpack will cheer you on to victory with every kill you get. Another accessory to match Midoriya is the Pickaxe Black Whip Ax.

All Might

EN 23BR MHA Social Bundle AllMight Social

Known as the Symbol of Peace and Midoriya’s mentor,All Might it’s here! Unleash your inner power and transform from your regular look to your Pro Hero look using the built-in Transform Emote on All Might’s outfit. Plus, impossible journeys aren’t too bad thanks to the retro backpack Principal Nezu which is included with All Might! Another ideal accessory for this outfit is the All Might’s Righteous Pickaxe.

Katsuki Bakugo

EN 23BR MHA Social Bundle KatsukiBakugo Social

Childhood friend, classmate at UA, and Midoriya’s rival, Katsuki Bakugo He also wants to be the best hero and has a natural talent for combat and fighting skills. Dress for each season in your alternative style of hero. The outfit also includes the retro backpack Grenade backpack, ideal for combat. The pickaxe explosive mallet is another accessory to match with Bakugo.

Ochaco Uraraka

EN 23BR MHA Social Bundle OchacoUraraka Social

Giving up is not an option for Ochaco Uraraka. She is a student of class 1-A at UA Academy and seeks to be a hero who saves the citizens and other heroes as well. Do they need a ride? The Uravity Jetpack retro backpack comes included with this outfit. The Uravity Hammer Pickaxe is another accessory that fits Uraraka.

Strong as All Might!

Celebrate your Victory Royale by striking the All Might pose with the gesture symbol of peace and boast of brain with the gesture Hero Notes.

Izuku’s Quirk emotes, Hero Notes, All Might Transformation, and Symbol of Peace in action.

Everything is fine. And because? Because My Hero Academia is here!