Black Clover and My Hero Academia in Catalan; Catalunya television announces A LOT of new free-to-air anime

On the occasion of Manga Barcelona 2022, it has been confirmed that channel SX3 will host a new era of anime

You don’t know how excited it is to know everything that is happening on Catalan public television so that anime can once again be a force in broadcasting as before. Because yes, if a server likes anime so much, it’s because thanks to things like 3XL I was able to enjoy in the open “slam dunk“, “Cowboy Bebop” and many other animes that I have already mentioned in the past. Now, follow this new era of anime renewal with giant names like “Black Clover” either “My Hero Academia“, among others.

From Black Clover to new episodes of Detective Conan; channel SX3 will soon receive a lot of new anime

Has been from @DoblatgeCatala account that have echoed some of the big news announced in the Sleeve Barcelona 2022and that has also been communicated through TV3 (I leave you the clip below, but if you have problems with playback, everything is ready later):

  • To begin with, they have announced news for January 2023 that begin with two anime classics in Catalonia:
    • Detective Conan will return to broadcast with new episodes. ✔️
    • Sakura will also return to broadcast, both with reruns and, in the same way, with new episodes. ✔️
  • As for new big names, you have to start with Black Clover. Indeed, the adventure of Asta and company will be added to the television programming of Catalonia. It must be remembered that currently the Black Clover anime has been frozen for a few years but that in 2023, precisely, it will return to the fray with its first film. ❗
  • The same will happen with My Hero Academia, a license that was somewhat in the air weeks ago. It was known that something was going to be done with it, but it has finally been announced that (at least first) what will be brought will be the first two films of the franchise. ❗
  • But this is not all, and it has also been reported that Starting in February, even more anime will be added to SX3 and, as anticipated, these are VERY expected names. ❗

I really love everything they’re doing in Catalonia to consolidate a new wave of anime in Catalan (and bringing something like “Black Clover” shouldn’t have been easy). In the end, if with this it is possible for more children to get hooked on the medium as it happened to me as a child, I think that with the era of globalization of the medium that has been in motion for years now, it will be achieved. a future generation in which anime is as crucial for entertainment as the movies and series of a lifetime.