Blue Lock, Ao Ashi and My Hero Academia congratulate Japan with illustrations for their success in the World Cup in Qatar 2022

The victories of the Japanese against Germany and Spain and their consequent round pass has earned them the applause of All Might, Ashito and Yoichi

Soccer has been topical for weeks in Japan due to the anime premiere of “Blue Lock”. This looks like bringing luck and skill to the Country of the Rising Sun teamsince they have managed to pass as first in the World Cup in Qatar in a group with Spain and Germany, and after defeating both.

How could it be otherwise, soccer franchises born in Japan such as “Blue Lock” either “Ao AshiThey have not missed the opportunity to congratulate your team with cool illustrations. They have also joinedMy Hero Academia” with All Might. These drawings have been collected by @animetv_jp Y @aoashiofficial.

The illustrations of Blue Lock and other animes to congratulate Japan

These are all the commemorative images:

  • As you can see, in “Blue Lock” it is Yoichi Isagi the person in charge of congratulating Japan, in a drawing made by himself Yusuke Nomura. ❤️
  • Nor is there a congratulations from “Ao Ashi”, in which we can see Ashito wearing the Japan jersey in the world Cup. ❤️
  • And, although it has nothing to do with football, All Might (from “My Hero Academia”) also wanted to applaud his country’s team. Definitely, Japan has made (and can continue to make) a full-fledged Plus Ultra in this tournament. ❤️

And here comes the information about the fmangaanime congratulations to Japan for its role in the World Cup in Qatar 2022. What do you think? Do you think that the spirit and mentality that these stories give off has been able to help the Japanese? I read you in the comments.

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