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El nuevo arte de Kohei Horikoshi del anime de Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) tiene a Katsuki Bakugou y Fuyumi Todoroki.

I could not miss this weekend the new episode of Boku no Hero Academia, O My Hero Academia. It is the one that corresponds to the fifth season, number 16 of this and 105 of the Serie complete. This one is named Jigoku no Todoroki-kun Chi, which is known in Latin America as The infernal house of Todoroki. This delivery stood out for the invitation of Endeavor a Izuku Midoriya Y Katsuki Bakugou home for a delicious family dinner.

This was done by the older sister of Shoto, Fuyumi. This nice school teacher showed her culinary skills. So that Kohei Horikoshi, creator of the series, decided to draw an illustration to commemorate this new episode. There she appears highlighted next to Kacchan, and there is the mention My Mapo Tofu Academia. Here it should be noted that this dish is not Japanese, but actually originates from China.

Specifically, from the province of Sichuan. Consists in tofu with red and oily sauce, as well as spicy, with chili and beans. It is usually accompanied by minced meat: it can be pork or beef. The fact is that this stew seems to have been liked a lot by Kacchan. So much so, that this sketch of Boku no Hero Academia is an allusion to what happens in chapter 250, where this irascible young hero asks the recipe from Fuyumi. Yes, with its classic style.

Always being sullen and rude. It was the same as he did in this Saturday’s episode. In addition to Bakugou Y Fuyumi, can be seen at Izuku Y Shoto in the art of Horikoshi. The same can be said for Endeavor. As for the message shared by this mangaka, is a simple reminder of today’s broadcast. At least now Kacchan Y Blanket They have an idea about the complicated family life of the new number one hero.

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In fact, much of the episode of Boku no Hero Academia the week was spent in reminiscing. Endeavor, O Enji, which is his civilian name, has had a very complicated life. His eagerness to stand out led him to take unforgivable attitudes, and that is why the relationship he has with his children is not the best. At least Shoto It seems that he has partly forgiven him, but that does not extend to all. It is undoubtedly very difficult.

The following episode paints to be interesting, because one of the sons of Enji you will be in obvious danger. Thanks to @aitaikimochi by some details.