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Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine published a new trailer for Boku no Hero Academia, but this time focused on the villains.

As promised a few days ago this Sunday was published a new trailer of boku no hero academiaknown in the West as My Hero Academia and which is focused on its villains. Especially enters the scene Tomura Shigarakiwho led the League of Villains In absence of All For One, which also appears. Currently he is the top leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front and has tremendous power.

In addition to Shigaraki can be seen at Himiko Toga, Dhabi, Twice, spinner Y Mr Compress in various situations within the Serie. Like the previous advance vignettes from the manga were used but with a little animation. Likewise, some of them are colored, and by the way, a rather sinister musical theme was added, but it complements this video quite well. Various characters appear as you progress.

Among them the members of the Super Power Liberation ArmyWhat Re-Destroy, Skeptical Y trumpet. could not miss the Killer of Heroes, stainas well as Overhaul and their allies. It can be seen that the purpose of the trailer is to showcase several of the villains that have graced the pages of the manga. boku no hero academia. Nevertheless, Shigaraki stands out because he is the main antagonist of Izuku Midoriya and the other heroes.

In a certain part of the video you can see his tragic past. A fact so sad that it shocked several fans when they saw it animated by the studio bones. Many things have marked the life of Tomura Shigarakibut it was All For One who ended up leading him astray. One of his greatest battles will be the one that comes with the sixth season of the anime, whose premiere is planned for the fall of this year. It is something that many fans look forward to.

It is clear that the sixth wave of episodes is not the end of the anime. There is still much to tell. But as this video reminds us of the villains of boku no hero academia the manga is another story. Kohei Horikoshi He is willing to finish his work this year. The outcome is getting closer, but it is difficult to say exactly when it will come. Only Horikoshi he knows it and for a long time show you’re ready.

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Another purpose of this video My Hero Academia is to promote the 34th volume of the manga, already available in Japan but not yet available in the West. Thanks to @WSJ_manga by The advertisement.

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