Boku no Hero Academia: Deku is redesigned with Todoroki’s colors and 10 remains

boku no hero academia“He has been at the forefront of current shonen for years, and his popularity has allowed him to constantly expand not only through his episodic anime, but also with movies and OVAs that have been hugely successful to date. It’s really hard not to have heard of of or seen some of the characters in Kouhei Horikoshi’s work, especially when his fans are especially active. Today I bring you a small artistic project that I think is 10.

Deku and Todoroki merge in this Boku no Hero Academia illustration

Then I will leave you like this with the piece of the hand of u/UnderwaterCosmonautwho shared with the Reddit of “Boku no Hero Academia” the result of take Todoroki’s characteristic color palette and apply it on Deku:

Honestly, Todoroki’s colors suit Deku very, very well. Quite logically, this is something that we will never see in “Boku no Hero Academia” officially, but for that reason it is good to give this kind of work from the hand of the fans a ball from time to time, because it helps and motivates to continue giving free rein to the creative vein. Also, I think it’s the kind of tributes that as an author should be excited to see.

To all this, although not much is being said about it, I remind you that in theory the final end of “Boku no Hero Academia” should be relatively close at this point. At the moment, nothing has been officially broadcast for half a year, but if you are interested in what I am commenting on, I will leave you with the article for which Horikoshi-sensei himself set off the alarms of the fans:

Synopsis of Boku no Hero Academia

We are in a world where superheroes (and supervillains) abound. The best humans are trained at the Hero Academy to optimize their powers. Among the normal minority, without any power, Izuku Midoriya appears, willing to be an exception and train at the Academy to become a legend.