‘Boku no Hero Academia’: everything we know about the new OVAs of the anime series

Season 6 of ‘boku no hero academia‘ is almost here with the fall releases, and although we still don’t know much about what we can expect from these new chapters we have two OVAs ahead to quench thirst and the desire for more anime.

This summer two special episodes are released, and we have already been able to see a first poster and more details about the first of them have been confirmed: ‘Boku no Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball‘.

First in theaters and then streaming

As confirmed in the latest issue of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jumpthe two OVAs of ‘Boku No Hero’ will be released first in theaters in Japan and later will be able to be seen in streaming. The first OVA will hit the big screen from June 16 to 19although there are no more details about the second yet.

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet regarding international distribution rights, although the last two seasons and some previous OVAs have been seen on Crunchyroll, so it is possible that the same will happen with these new specials.

an epic match

The first of these two episodes is ‘Boku no Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball’, which revolves around a baseball game where the use of the quirks of the participants is encouraged and the UA students end up competing. And with the premiere so close, an official poster has already been shared where we can see several of the Class 1-A students ready for the epic match.

In the poster you can see Kirishima, Amajiki, Shoji, Gang Orca, and Fatgum in the blue uniform that the Orcas of Gang Orca will wear, while Kaminari, Ojiro, Sadou, Mineta, and Mt. Lady wear the blue uniform of the Lionels of Shishide.

There is no information about the second OVA, although more details are expected to be revealed from Shueisha in the coming days.

How to catch up with ‘Boku no Hero Academia’

Right now it is quite difficult to see the anime in full. The first two seasons of the series are in the catalog of Netflixwhile the third is not on any streaming service and the fourth and fifth are available on Crunchyroll.

have also been released three films in the franchise, although they are not necessary to be able to follow the main plot of the series. So much ‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes‘ What ‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Awaken‘ are available in Amazon Prime Video.