‘Boku no Hero Academia’ has already shared the opening and ending of its season 6: it only remains to see everything else

The wait has been long, but October has finally begun and with it it has returned ‘boku no hero academia‘ to television. The anime premieres its sixth season and is going to plunge us into the Paranormal Liberation War, in an arc that promises action and drama in abundance… So of course its new ending and opening sequences they are spectacular.

Heroes and villains everywhere

super beaver performs the theme ‘Hitamuki’ that can be heard in the anime’s new opening, which has a lot of reminiscences of comics with hard inks and onomatopoeia, and also prepares us for some of the most impressive events that we will see during the season.

And yes, the opening of ‘boku no hero academia‘ makes it clear to us that Midoriya, Todoroki and Bakugo they are still the stars of the anime and it reminds us where the rest of the main characters are and which heroes we will see again.

For the ending we have the theme ‘Sketch‘ interpreted by Kiyo Akiyamawith a much calmer rhythm and that shows us the sides of heroes and villains almost completely.

In addition to the students of the UA Academy, during this arc we will see a lot of the professional heroes such as Mirko and Hawks in open war against Shigaraki and their allies.

Except the first the previous seasons of ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ have had 25 episodes each, so in principle we can expect the sixth to have a similar duration. Every Saturday a new chapter is released on Japanese television and internationally we can see the anime in simulcast through Crunchyroll.

Not all seasons are on the same streaming platform, so if you have doubts about which one to turn to to catch up, here we leave you our complete guide to watch the anime in order.