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Kohei Horikoshi celebrates the My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission film and volume 31 of the Boku no Hero Academia manga.

As usual, Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of Boku no Hero Academia O My Hero Academia, frequently draws sketches of the characters of the Serie. In recent times he has done it on weekends. Especially to coincide with the broadcast of the anime episodes. But it seems that this time this mangaka He decided to skip the routine, and this Wednesday he gave us a couple of new designs. They both celebrate two different events.

In his first illustration, Horikoshi shows to Izuku Midoriya Y Rody Soul with Pino, of the movie My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. For what he commented in his message in Twitter already had the opportunity to see it in the cinema. So to celebrate the occasion, he drew both characters, and added a dialogue to them both. Who starts talking is Blanket, who says “You were so cool, Rody!”, Y Rody responds “I suppose”.

After, Midoriya speak again, saying “The Asian Kung-Fu Generation song was amazing too!”, and your interlocutor replies “AKFG is great!”. Something you also mentioned Kohei Horikoshi it is “Rody’s voice actor, Ryo, was great!”. Specifically, it refers to Ryo Yoshizawa. The design captures both boys walking, while Pino appears whistling. The other drawing of Boku no Hero Academia it is something very different.

Those who appear, from left to right, are Katsuki Bakugou, Mina Ashido, alias Pinky, Y Eijiro Kirishima, the Red Riot. Bakugou Y Kirishima they carry the numbers three and one. What is this about? What happens is that this is how he is celebrating Horikoshi the output of volume 31 of the manga. He took the opportunity to draw the boys from the Academia U. A. in a very different way, with casual clothes but with a lot of style. It’s a different way of looking at this trio.

Going back to the theme of the movie Boku no Hero Academia, is doing very well in theaters. Up to now, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission It has sold 720 thousand tickets, which has generated a profit of 940 million yen. This is equivalent to $ 8.51 million at the current exchange rate, and corresponds to only four days. The film was released last Friday in Japan, and the amount said before is the amount collected until Monday.

Boku no Hero Academia: Horikoshi shares art from the movies

Who knows what day exactly he chose Horikoshi to see this animated tape. Maybe Monday, since it was a holiday in the country of the Rising Sun. Thanks to @aitaikimochi for the translation of primer Y second sketch. Also to ANN by some details.