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Kohei Horikoshi, creator of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) draws both Kyoka Jiro and other of his characters in color.

This week he called the attention that Kohei Horikoshi, creator of Boku no Hero Academia, draw Shouko Komi from the anime of Komi-san wa Komyushou desu. But a few days before he had done the same with Kyoka Jiro and his other characters.

But against his habit he did it in color. Those who have followed the contributions of this creative know that he almost never does it, since he usually limits himself to making quick sketches which he does not even start coloring.

But it seems that in the case of Jiro made an exception and for good reason. It is a scene in which she appears on a beach and runs while smiling.

As other of his contributions was shared in Twitter, and in the accompanying message revealed he bought a new tablet to color his pictures. This is why you decided to create a colored sketch. The title of this drawing says “It’s cold isn’t it, Jiro?” and she mentions “so cold!”.

In a comment the creator of Boku no Hero Academia highlighted “It suddenly got cold last week, didn’t it?”. It should be noted that Kohei Horikoshi lives in Tokyo, and according to reports, the temperature dropped quite a bit in recent days.

The design corresponding to Kyoka Jiro corresponds to the end of November. But this mangaka He not only took advantage of his brand new tablet to draw her. He did a series of quick sketches of other characters.

They can be seen at Aizawa-sensei, Present Mic, Katsuki Bakugou, Momo Yaoyorozu, Shoto Todoroki, Tenya Iida, Midnight and until Hero Killer.

Why Horikoshi drew them? Well, it was inspired by some of the situations in the staging of the Serie, which took place last year. At least before the season was canceled by the COVID-19. More than anything he relied on the DVD he was able to get from the show.

It seems that he did not have time to attend and took some inspiration from the actors. Too bad there isn’t a translation of what each’s text bubbles say.

Let’s see if more color sketches of the characters from Boku no Hero Academia The My Hero Academia in the future. I’m not saying it’s wrong that Horikoshi prefer black and white sketches, but a colored input is appreciated. It adds variety to your contributions.

Creator of Boku no Hero Academia draws Komi-san

How nice that I decided that Kyoka Jiro was the character with which he debuted his tablet. He is someone who always gives his best in everything he does. Thanks to @aitaikimochi for the translations.