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Kohei Horikoshi, to promote the sixth season of the Boku no Hero Academia anime, draws Deku ready for action.

The sixth season of the anime will premiere on October 1 boku no hero academiaand like other young heroes Izuku Midoriyaaliases Deku, will participate in the greatest of battles. It will be the deadly clash between the Paranormal Liberation Front and the heroes of the present and the future. The latter as part of the U.A Academy. which is where the young man studies Midoriya with his partners. There is much that is at stake.

Well, to celebrate the premiere of the first episode of this new wave, the creator of the series, Kohei Horikoshi, decided to gift fans with a new sketch. In his message on Twitter says that the anime will return at 5:30 pm JST on Saturday. What can be seen is Izuku Midoriya in a defiant pose, without the upper part of his hero outfit. There is also a kind of traces that his hands emit, as if they were smoke.

But the reality is different. If you look closely at the illustration of Deku from the sixth season of boku no hero academiawhat he did was dip his hands in some kind of slime. Shouto Todoroki, who is next to him, just watches him. After Midoriya jump from a higher place and in doing so Shoto takes a picture of him. This is how he managed a shot where he appears to be very determined. It is a manga panel with three frames.

This new release of the Serie will debut on Saturday at 4:30 am according to Mexico City time. So if someone wants to get up early to see it, it’s their right. It will be available in Crunchyrollwhich after its merger with Funimation You have access to their entire catalog and rights to thousands of anime. Luckily Kohei Horikoshi He had some free time to share this sketch with his many fans.

Just by publishing it and at the time of writing these lines, it has received more than 20 thousand RTs and exceeds 96 thousand likes. It is clear that the creator of boku no hero academiaeither My Hero Academiais very popular and this new drawing of Deku proves it. Yes, some may complain about the way he handles things in the story. But as an author he has the freedom to decide where he goes and the development of events.

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Nowadays Horikoshi works at the end of the manga and according to him it should end before the end of 2023. We will see if he really manages to do it.

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