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Kohei Horikoshi promotes the departure of the sixth season of Boku no Hero Academia drawing Hawks and Miruko together again.

It seems that Kohei Horikoshithe creator of boku no hero academiahas some free time and decided to invest it in giving fans a new illustration of hawks Y Miruko. It is precisely what you can see in this same note, which was published on September 13. A long time had passed since Horikoshi drew one of these sketches. Most recent before this it dates back to to July 3 this year.

That was to promote the release of volume 35 of the manga. This time it was to do the same but for the sixth season from the anime. It is what comes out of the comment on the part of this mangaka. In Twitter He commented that he took a hiatus during this week and that he will keep his spirits up for the animated adaptation. He reminded fans that it will be October 1st that the new episodes of the Serie.

But what do they say hawks Y Miruko to promote the sixth season of boku no hero academia? what it says Miruko it is “about half a month until the anime”while hawks reply with a “Yes”, but in a way where he was tired and didn’t want to talk much. The other text that appears is a play on words that in English some fans have translated as I’MIROOKing forward to the anime vs HaYAWNks.

Before the versus the sentence should be “I look forward to the anime”but looking is related to the name Mirko/Mirukoand what follows after, HaYAWNksmixture hawks with yawn, yawn in English. Definitely Kohei Horikoshi He knows how to get the attention of his followers. This drawing already has almost 30 thousand RTs and is close to 186 thousand likes. It is not the first time that this mangaka draw this pair of characters.

In April 2020 brought them back together, but this time he drew them as if they were a couple of students. That’s why instead of their hero outfits they wear their uniforms. The thing is that while hawks he is very relaxed, which is common in boku no hero academia, Miruko points out that her tail is caught under her skirt. Why hasn’t she shared more illustrations Horikoshi? It’s all because he’s so busy working on the manga.

The author of Boku no Hero Academia is interested in… girls eating?

The history should end this year but it is not clear when the last chapter will come out. But Kohei Horikoshi he wants it to be so and you have to respect his wish.

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