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Kohei Horikoshi dedicates his new sketch to Twice, one of the main villains of Boku no Hero Academia, and for good reason.

Despite his busy work schedule Kohei Horikoshicreator of boku no hero academiatime was given to draw a new sketch in relation to the anime, and this was from Twice. Obviously what comes next are spoilersso if you haven’t seen the latest installment of the Serie better do it. Otherwise, go ahead. This week’s episode focused on this “villain” and his unfortunate fate.

is why this mangaka decided to take the opportunity to draw it one last time. In the design she appears under her identity of Jin Bubaigawara with a cigarette in one of his hands. Horikoshiin his comment on Twitterreminds fans that the new episode, self justice, opens at 5:30 pm in Japan. But in the new design that he made of this character he details each of its parts.

Each message of the design of Twice of boku no hero academia He says “this is smoke”, “this is a cigarette”, “this is Twice’s face (this guy not an Electrode)”, “this is clothes”, “this is a hand”, “this is a shadow” Y “this is blood”. Something that stands out in the drawing of Bubaigawara It’s the shirt he’s wearing. They can look great in this the flowers of hell (Lycoris radiata), which are associated with funeral rites in Japan.

It is in this way that Kohei Horikoshi fire to Twice in boku no hero academia. It could be said that he was a villain, and that in truth he had very bad luck. But he wasn’t bad per se. He just had the misfortune of being on the wrong side, something that happens frequently. He was always someone loyal and very close to Himiko Toga. On more than one occasion he blamed himself for trusting other people too much.

Fate played him cruelly on more than one occasion and every mistake he made tormented him. It is for what he with the last strength of his put to safety Toga Y Mr Compress to repair in part what he had done. Thus he ended his life dying in the arms of the one who knew how to understand him and appreciate him for who he was. could hawks act differently? Now you can never know but Twice is probably the most endearing villain of the series.

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So the creator of boku no hero academia you did well to say goodbye to Twice with one of his designs. A way to remember an unfortunate soul who showed loyalty to the end. Thanks to @RukasuMHA by the translation of the texts.

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