Boku no Hero Academia: Illustrations Based on Invisible Girl Begins – Kudasai

The article “Boku no Hero Academia: Invisible Girl Artwork Begins” includes spoilers from the latest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi’s manga. Discretion is advised to the reader.

On December 13, chapter 337 of the manga of Kohei Horikoshi, Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), finally revealing the design of the face of Tooru Hagakure, better known as “Invisible Girl“. After more than three hundred chapters, his face was finally revealed to readers, leaving them in awe (Unfortunately, the leaks had already revealed this panel before its official release, spoiling the surprise.). In comment forums the first fan-art based on Tooru Hagakure, who is now taking his first steps into this trend.

The first batch came from the artist “MYU (@ myu060309)“, who wrote: “Hagakure-chan, I don’t know what color her hair is, but that’s what I think (I’m recreating a scene from the anime)». Certainly since the original panel is black and white, there is no certainty what color this character’s hair would be, so the artists will have to make their proposal and the official answer will be revealed later.