‘Boku no Hero Academia’: in what order to watch the superhero anime series and movies in streaming so as not to miss anything

The sixth season of ‘boku no hero academia‘, so if we want to catch up on the anime or remember how the last chapters left us, it’s the perfect time to rewind and have a good viewing.

In addition to the five seasons of the series, there are also several ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ OVAs and movies, and unfortunately neither is everything available in streaming nor on the same platform. So if you are not very clear in what order to see each of the specials, here we leave you a complete guide to be able to see all the anime.

Seasons 1 and 2

As a drawer, we start at the beginning with the first season of ‘Boku no Hero Academia’that bones premiered in 2016 with 13 episodes to kick off the anime.

Then came the OVA ‘My Hero Academia: Save! Rescue Training!, which is a direct-to-video chapter without much relevance to the main plot. Unfortunately it is not available in streaming from Spain, so we would jump straight to the second seasonwhich already consists of 25 chapters.

Next we would have the following two OVAs: ‘My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead’ and ‘My Hero Academia: All Might: Rising (Two Heroes Special)’, which again are also not available for streaming at this time

‘Boku no Hero Academia: Two Heroes’

Boku No Hero Academia Two Heroes

Although the first movie in the franchise can be seen later, since we don’t have some of the OVAs available, ‘Boku no Hero Academia: Two Heroes‘ can provide a nice respite between seasons and is chronologically set before the forestry training ground arc.

It is an original story with Midoriya accompanying All Might to I-Island, although the visit is ruined when a group of villains attack the island.

Season 3

Bnha T3

Here begins the complicated thing because between the licenses coming and going, right now lThe third season of ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ has been left hanging and is not available on any platform. Hopefully the situation will change soon and we can update the guide.

What we can see in streaming are the two parts of the OVA ‘Survive! Deadly Survival Training’which are available at Crunchyroll.

Season 4

Bnha T4

We can now resume streaming with another new season of 25 episodes. During this season we continue with the second semester at the UA and little by little we are entering fully into the Rise of the Villains Saga.

‘Boku no Hero Academia’: The awakening of the heroes’

Bnha Heroes Rising

The second movie of the anime, and again it doesn’t have a great importance for the main plot but it’s a nice addition. In this case, Midoriya and her classmates travel to the island of Nabu, where they must save the inhabitants from a group of villains who want to use their quirks to rule over those who are weaker than them.

Season 5

Bnha T5

Returning to the usual programming, now we would continue with all 25 episodes of the fifth season.

This same summer two new OVAs have been released: ‘Hero League Baseball‘ Y ‘Laugh! As if You Are in Hell‘. Although they can again be used as a space between seasons, we also recommend watching them between episodes 18 and 19 of the fifth season, as they can be a more relaxed and humorous break before entering the intense arc of the last stretch of the season.

‘Boku No Hero Academia: World Heroes Quest’

Boku No Hero Academia Heroes World Mission

The last movie in the saga for now and that it would fit during the Endeavor Agency arc. In this case, Midoriya and her companions must join the professional heroes on a worldwide mission to stop a group of terrorists.

Season 6

We come to the news, although we still have to wait until October 1 to see the new chapters of the anime. The sixth season of ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ starts next October 1st and we can see it in simulcast on Crunchyroll.