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The most recent chapter of the Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) manga suggests that Minoru Mineta could be LGBT +.

I think anyone who has seen Boku no Hero Academia, O My Hero Academia, knows well Minoru Mineta. Yeah, the guy who was spying on the girls’ locker room. Also the shameless one who at the slightest opportunity has groped someone, like Tsuyu Asui. Likewise, the scoundrel who told Different that he would see her in a few years, when he came of age. Its preferences seem pretty clear, but the idea recently emerged that it is LGBT+.

Specifically, a bisexual character. Where does this information come from? What happens is that in the most recent chapter from the manga of Kohei Horikoshi, the 321, Mineta says something peculiar to Izuku Midoriya. That’s when they are in the middle of a fight. Trying to say the lows spoilers, in English, mentions “i fell for you…”, the classic phrase that in Spanish means “I fall in love with you”. Obviously, it has caused a stir in the fan community of the Serie.

It should be noted that in the Spanish translation of the manga Boku no Hero Academia, Minoru Mineta it do not says that. Declares “What attracted me to you was that …”, which does not have such a romantic connotation. It seems to be a translation error. However, what does the original Japanese say? Well, it raises something very interesting. In that language what he said was Fall in love, which when interpreted is falling in love with you / being in love with you / being in love.

Then,Mineta is bisexual or LGBT+? A user of Twitter, @aitaikimochi, who knows Japanese very well, explained “Keep in mind that this does not mean that Mineta is really ‘in love’ with Deku, but the boy he came to adore is not himself at the moment”. The latter is in relation to what has happened in the manga. Continue with “You can also take it in a platonic way, if you want.”, which is certainly correct.

Boku no Hero Academia: Is Mineta an LGBT + Character?

@aitaikimochi noted also “The word 惚 れ る (to fall in love) is not the same as 憧 れ る (to admire), but it can be used to show deep respect”. Later, he explained “The context is quite important here, but personally I would translate it as ‘I fell in love with you’ because Deku inspired him and he came to like it a lot, not necessarily in a romantic way, although depending on the context and the character himself”. It is very interesting.

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So there might well be an intention LGBT+, or actually, something more platonic. The only one who could clarify everything is the creator of Boku no Hero Academia, Own Horikoshi. It is certainly an interesting development for a character like Mineta. Perhaps later your creator will develop exploit aspect of your personality.