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Kurogiri, the faithful ally of Tomura Shigaraki in the Boku no Hero Academia series, comes to My Hero One’s Justice 2 for Nintendo Switch.

This Thursday Bandai Namco released a new character Boku no Hero Academia for My Hero One’s Justice 2 and it is nothing less than Kurogiri. His departure was anticipated by an informant a few days ago.

Although he hasn’t seen much action in the anime so far — due to being imprisoned — he is one of the most faithful allies of Tomura Shigaraki, leader of the League of Villains and great commander of Paranormal Liberation Front.

To fight he resorts to his Quirk, which is known as Warp Gate. This allows you to create portals between different locations. He usually takes advantage of it to escape or transport someone to another place.

But as seen in the first trailer that accompanies this note he also uses it to surprise his rival. In this case it is Present Mic, which is a bit ironic since in the past he was one of his dearest companions and friends.

With Warp Gate he can also grab someone and immobilize them, attacking them afterwards with his waves of darkness. Kurogiri is a tragic character inside Boku no Hero Academia.

Despite his appearance he was a former student of the Academia U. A., Oboro Shirakumo. But he died prematurely and his body was used to create one of the Nomu more advanced. That was revealed in the fifth season of the anime that premiered in 2021.

It is interesting that this character has been used as downloadable content or DLC of My Hero One’s Justice 2. He is part of Season Pass 2 of the game, which also includes Hitoshi Shinso Y Present Mic.

The latter is available since last December 9. In his case, he is capable of attacking from afar with sound blows. He has a long range, and depending on the technique he uses he doesn’t have the need to aim.

All due to shockwaves spreading across the stage. You can see it in action at the second trailer accompanying this note. There are still two more characters to meet. Season Pass 2 from My Hero One’s Justice 2 and I imagine that the next one to reveal himself may be a hero.

Everything to maintain the “balance” between the announcements of this title for Nintendo Switch. The price of this season pass is $379 pesos on the eShop Mexican.

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If you want to acquire the heroes and villains of Boku no Hero Academia separately each costs $89 pesos. So everyone must decide what suits their pocket. Thanks to Bandai Namco for The advertisement.